5 Minute Meditation for Positive Energy

Humpty-Dumpty Time

To children, Humpty-Dumpty is just a clumsy egg, but to us as adults, Humpty is sometimes us. Occasionally we fall and break, and it seems as though we cannot be put back together again.

Overcome Yourself – Sometimes It Takes Only Moments

We can read hundred of articles about personal development but if we don’t have the habit of strong consistency and cannot fulfill the promises made to ourselves and the society it won’t change us. Some say that the power of will is born-in into the personality of someone but we all know that the personality itself can be changed by changing habits which can be owned by simple first steps. This article is about you letting go of the unwanted habits that stand as an obstacle on your life journey but also it can also be seen as an…

A New Life – Turning Someday Into a Plan

The pursuit of happiness always starts with a dream and a decision doesn’t it? Making that decision is a process and likely one that doesn’t come overnight. Once a decision has been made here is an exercise to help you maintain your momentum to turn a someday dream into an effective plan for a new life and a reality.

Decisions – Don’t Let Your Life Get Caught in the Ruts in the Road

Every day, we are presented with a clean sheet to write our life’s experiences upon. Do you believe that? In some ways, that is correct. This day hasn’t been lived before. We can do with it as we wish. What does matter, is the decisions we have made in the past. Each new day has been colored with the crayons of our past decisions.

The Real Reason For Living

One reason why people live is something many people do not know; many people do not have a slight idea of why they are on the face of the earth. But there are a lot of people out there may be reading this article that have have not gotten to know why they are here. If you are one of those who have not not know their reason for living then read on if not you can still read.

Recipes For Leading A Beautiful Life – Recipes That Will Make Others Love Us And Admire Us

Given below are some recipes for an enjoyable Life: 1. Recipe for winsome manners. 2. Recipe for success. 3. Recipe for peace of mind. 4. Recipe for happiness. 5. Recipe for generosity. 6. Recipe for active and healthy life.

Women – Books to Read to Build Your Commitment to Your Value and Worth

Who doesn’t want to get better and be able to put their emphasis on excellence? We love to learn and grow. These are all books I’ve read, which I can encourage you to read, too. They help to support your quest for growth – both personally and professionally. As a woman, they will help you gain a better sense of your value and worth.

Passion – Vitamin to Success!

World is so small for the Victorious. Alexander proved this not just by saying but doing. Alexander is the apostle of confidence who is a symbol of passion in his words and deeds. Alexander wants to conquer the world and become Emperor. He achieved his goal by sheer conviction and passion. There is nothing impossible in this world. Life is a journey from impossible to I’m possible. Passion, Patience and Vision will lead you towards success without fail.

Tony Robbins and My “Personal Power II” Challenge – Are You In?

Most people know of Tony Robbins as a major motivational speaker. If you ask him, though, he will deny it and tell you that he is really the “why” guy. His passion is helping people find out why they do what they do so that they can replace unproductive habits with more useful ones. By making consistent better choices every day, amazing transformations over a relatively short period of time is possible. Maybe you’ve purchased some of his books or CD’s or even attended a live event. His focus is on helping as many people as possible break unproductive patterns so they can live more consciously and successfully.

Moving On: Taking Charge of Our Tomorrows

So many emotions come into play after a divorce or loss of a partner. There can be moments where you feel liberated and optimistic and then there are moments of confusion, apathy and even depression. When we get used to having someone always there, even if it wasn’t the most pleasant circumstance, it was still comforting in some way. But now it is gone. The tendency is to focus on what was lost and not on what is to be found. We might describe this period as being ‘lost’. Here are some key steps we can take to get ready for tomorrow and the future.

Why The Secret May Not Be Enough

The Secret took the world by storm. Unfortunately, the following years of economic and natural disasters also took the world by storm and caused many people to lose their faith in the goodness of the world and the message of The Secret: the Law of Attraction. How could they not if the world seems to be always against them. But then, maybe that is exactly why the world seems to be angry all the time…

Do You REALLY Have an “Inner Child” – The Little Prince Series

Millions have learned from self-help books, seminars, or counselors that the problems they experience in relationships stem from childhood. This is true, and it ought to be a reason to complete the work of growing up. Instead it tends to trap us in infantile behavior.

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