5 Minute Meditation for Morning Anxiety

Heart – Not Just for Valentine’s Day

This article was originally written for Valentine’s Day. Some people think of Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark Holiday, a romantic day, or just a day like any other day. What matters most about everyday is the attitude you bring to it. I like to relate attitude with heart. You choose what attitude you show up with and you choose how much “heart” you are going to use.

The Color Is Not Always Rosy Red

Everyone has his shares of troubles in life and some of them usually have a perception of meeting the trouble halfway. Secrets, doubts, trusts seems to be shattered when we find the color of life is not limpid; it is a rather dull color, no one wants to see. When one expects a yes but the answer turns out to be a no, this bring about a pack of troubles which remains unresolved until life flips its pages of phases.

Self Control – How Can I Have More Of It?

Self control is something all of us say we want more of. The hard part is figuring out how. Here are 3 steps to help you move in the right direction.

Self Control – What Is It Exactly?

Learn 7 important reasons for choosing to have a little more self control in your life. It impacts not only your life, but the relationships around you as well.

Healing the Past

Many people have been telling me lately that they feel stuck. They are at a loss to know what to do to move forward.

Our Natural Tendency Is to Care

It has been a difficult last month where I live in the eastern United States, and in particular in my home state of New Jersey. The aftermath of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, which impacted us at the end of October, touched so many lives. Many people suffered through severe property damage, in some cases losing everything they owned.

ADHD in 2012: A Cause for Celebration

A month from now, you will be powering through your New Year’s Resolutions, well on your way towards achieving feng shui in your living room, or better upper body strength, or all-around inner peace. But for now, take a victory lap in honor of 2012 (whether or not last year’s resolutions all got checked off). Even if the last twelve months chewed you up and spit you out, there is plenty to cheer about.

Learning Orientation – Fuel for Growth

Learning Orientation is what keeps inspiration and the quest for knowledge alive. The desire to keep learning drives our determination, and allows us to experience the totality of life. Once we stop craving the taste for knowledge, we hinder our personal growth. We prevent our minds from being open to new ideas and stop telling ourselves, “There has to be more”. Learning Orientation keeps us curious and arouses our intellect. The need for more is constantly transforming our lives.

Six Tips To Help You Change Your Life For The Better

In order to get succeeded in our yearly plan, there are some important points which may help us to plan better. There are 6 basic and common tips that we have to do it. Please read thru and begin practicing it.

The End of Prophecy 2012 – Part 1

Embrace this time of Ascension. Recognize it, learn about it, practice it and ascend with mastery in 2013.

Anxiety and Depression – Healing From Shame and Cultural Stigmas

I come from a Caribbean/Jamaican culture that has a stigma surrounding mental illness so a lot of people both men and women are unable to receive the treatment they so desperately need. They are made fun of, they are disparaged and so they shut up, shut down and suffer in silence because they have no one to talk to. I grew up on a lot of pomps and circumstance and the ingrained teachings that decent, proper people with class should not air their dirty laundry. You shouldn’t bring shame to the family. However, that mentality and belief only serve to keep people more quiet.

Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control Techniques

Lucid dreaming refers to the ability to be awake and in control of your dreams. Many people have spontaneous lucid dreams, but most can also train themselves to achieve dream control much more often than that. This article introduces some how-to techniques and also goes over the many productive, meaningful, and fun ways to use the lucid dreaming experience.

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