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We All Have God-Given Talents and Gifts, So Why Not Use Them?

Do you remember hearing as a child that we all have God-given talents and gifts? Most of us heard it from our parents or somewhere along the line, but the majority of us have never really discovered them and put them to use or developed their full potential. If you’d like to learn a bit more about why this takes place and how many of us come to discover our God-give talents and gifts and the enormous life change this discovery can create, this article may be for you. I invite you to have a look.

What Makes You DECIDE?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you might actually often be your own worst enemy? Do you tend to procrastinate when you would be better served by taking timely action, or are you the type of person that behaves impulsively and reacts by flying off the handle when you would probably be better served by nehaving more prudently or patiently? Is your decision – making process and technique serving you as it should, or does it tend to hinder your progress?

Seven Modern Day Problems

Procrastination, prevarication, scarcity, sex, discrimination, duty & busy-ness are 7 modern day problems. Overcoming the challenges they cause leads to the opportunity of an effortless life.

Basking in the Valley of Your New Normal

Whenever there’s a change in our lives, careers or business, it often seems daunting to us. We look at this change as if it’s a huge mountain that’s steep, scary, and unfamiliar. We have no idea what lies on the other side.

Controlling Your Impulses and Emotions

We all have times when we wish we could really tell someone just how we feel about them or something that they did that made us very angry. Unfortunately, it is not always appropriate to just blurt out exactly how we feel in a too direct and accusing manner. We must develop essential tools to help us deal with difficult situations so that we can respond appropriately. This article will review some strategies you can use to help you regain control of your impulses and be an important contributor to any situation.

It’s Ok To Do It For Someone Else

Think about if you have ever randomly did something for someone you didn’t know and how rewarding that experience was. Maybe you’ve never done anything like this before. Try doing some random kind act for someone and don’t expect anything in return, you’ll be blessed in the end. Be “magnificent” be a blessing to someone other than ourselves for a change.

Move Forward Monday

You might be wondering…

Influence or Discovery, Another Sensational Soft Skill

Are you aware of the difference between influence and discovery? Regardless of the size of the conversation, knowing the difference will allow you to better see the world and how it works, minus a few more filters. Discover how you may be influencing yourself out of learning more without even knowing it!

Garage Sale Tactics

“Garage Sale of Biblical Proportions” was the sign our neighbors (Jeff & Marie) erected to announce their garage sale last weekend. The wife and I figured this was a real can’t miss event, so we ambled over to see what goodies they had that we couldn’t live without. Fortunately, there was no treasure in their trash so we went home empty handed.

Why Do We FOOL Ourselves?

One of the basic truisms of most individual’s existences and lives is the essential need to please oneself, either by something one does or how he acts, or how he decides to paint himself, even if it is not the reality. The vast majority of people decide to shield themselves and enhance their self – confidence, by making either a conscious or subconscious decision to FOOL themselves! However, we often observe that individuals proclaim the positives of their personas, rather than actually syncing their true behavior and actions with their proclamations.

It Is Time to Go Home

Life throws unexpected challenges our way everyday. The trick is to take away the best lessons from every tough day. See how a 4 year stint away from home has helped one woman reconnect with herself.

Before the Foundation of the Earth

God created you before the foundation of the earth (Eph 1:4). He had you in His mind before time ever existed. He predestined you to be who you are before there was Adam and Eve.

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