5 Minute Meditation for Beginners

Reflection As Understanding

This article was one of my own self-reflections that I felt was worth sharing with the world. Reflection as understanding and growth versus reflection as self-pity and internalized oppression.

Cleaning Your Life Is Like Cleaning Out Your Closet

To clean your life you have to do the same thing when you clean out your closet. Analysis what’s right and not right in your life and put into categories like you would the clothes you want and the clothes you do not want anymore.

The Secret Of Attraction For Manifesting Abundance And Prosperity Today

There has been a lot of material lately about wealth creation and the Law of Abundance and some have messaged me asking my opinion if it’s real or fake news and simply New Age nonsense. Can this idea of the secret of attraction actually help you for wealth creation and to attract abundance into your life? We’ll have a look at the few areas of concern, and provide you with a couple of ideas for getting the important things you desire.

Sins Are Like Garbage in Our Soul

Most Catholics don’t go to confession often enough. Many Catholics go to confession about once a year on average. Some don’t go often at all. It could be many years since they went to confession and they tend to forget about going and find it far easier to just carry on as usual. The problem with this lackadaisical attitude is that the person will stop paying attention to the sins s(he) is committing and will just act unconsciously. One thing that setting dates ahead of time to go to confession does is make us more conscious of our actions every day and when you have gone wrong. Then you can go to confession and be reconciled with God again. What a true gift and an honour. However, most of us forgo this honour. We carry our sins and they fester like stinky garbage in our soul. Some of us are not even aware that we have done anything wrong. We just act without thinking and without remorse.

Do We Trust Computers More Than Real People?

On the surface, to say that we trust computers more than people is to say that we don’t trust people. You don’t need a doctorate to figure out that people are not trustworthy in their dealings with others. Unfortunately, some people will do anything to cheat or lie. And when they are quiet and there doesn’t seem to be much happening, people are even more nervous. That is certainly the way our political world is unfolding. This kind of social anxiety that is caused by our modern world has taken more than a few sinister turns in the last while. We seem to have a lot on our plates in our modern world. A harmful skepticism and pessimism has taken over the world. Or is it harmful? Perhaps it is realistic enough, given the nature of our world. We can’t seem to trust anyone, not even among our closest friends and relatives.

Wealth Creation Action Steps For Manifesting Abundance Now In Your Life

There are so many things included with manifesting abundance that it would take a lot more than one short article to discuss everything. So, I’ll discuss a basic few-action step overview of help you get a fantastic start for how to attract wealth for a life time. You can build wealth for your future if you do not fluctuate from these basic realities that have worked for millions of others!

The Gift of Balance

Aristotle is my favorite. He just is. I started buying what I believed to be classic books in my early twenties, during that period of self-renaissance when you realize school is gone and you’re more or less in charge of what you know from then on.

Who Needs Like-Minded People and Why?

Why are we often so desperate to surround ourselves with like-minded people? And why do we get agitated when the people around us turn out to be not so “like-minded”? Does life indeed get better when the people that surround us are on the same page as us? These are the questions I try to answer below.

Here’s A Manifesting Abundance Exercise To Attract Wealth And Get The Life You Want

Here’s a simple, fun and easy workout to improve your wealth awareness, focus your mind and get behind yourself so that you can attract wealth for real, and in due time. The following exercise is among many mini-workouts you can do at your computer, without even having to get up, and does not take any more than a quick minute or so to complete. This is a fundamental power of visualization exercise which is extremely cool to do for real when you boil down each floor of a tall building.

Core Values: Responsibility Is Up to Me

People that prioritize responsibility as a core value are held in high regard. Employers, fellow employees, spouses, teachers, and students that are responsible are trusted, respected, and more likely to succeed. Taking responsibility, especially in difficult situations requires courage. A psychological concept for taking responsibility is called locus of control (LOC) and is divided into two categories, external and internal. Wise management of the tension between the two leads to being responsible.

Do You Know How Much Is Enough?

Answering ‘how much is enough’ is paying attention to how we personally feel, how much we’re giving and taking. It’s being aware of others but also checking that we’re continuing to feel good about our input. We don’t exist in isolation. It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and ask for what we want, but being a little more alert to other peoples’ presence allows everyone to have enough and enjoy their share of what’s available.

Live The Life You Want By Letting Go Of Feeling Hopeless And Conquering Fear

Realizing that to live the life you imagine and manifest exactly what you prefer can be either excitingly easy and fun, or painfully hard depending upon your full awareness. It is extremely important to certainly become aware of the important things that you do want, and enjoy life to the fullest. Here are a few reasons why you do not live the life you want and why you may not be successful in attracting exactly the life you imagine.

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