5 Minute Meditation for Anxiety

Discover Your Purpose: Follow Your Heart (5-Tips)

Following your heart is considered one of the most vital steps of the discovery process. For that reason, this article offers five tips to encourage and sharpen your resolve.

The One Choice That Changes Everything

In unconscious psychology, the Law of Attention says that you have control over your success and happiness. One simple choice trains your mind to find more of what you need.

Eight Drivers of Contentment

In thinking about contentment, I looked hard at what, to me, are the most important driving factors behind contentment. Keep in mind my analysis is not from a point of scientific expertise; rather it is from a point of practicality as to what I think are the most important drivers. I’ve honed my list to 8…

Discover Your Purpose – Begin With A Self-Assessment (8 Tips)

Why not spend time doing what you were created to do – better yet – what brings you joy? You only live this life once. Hence, this article recommends eight tips to help you maximize the self-discovery process.

Stop The Pain Of The Nightmare Of Your Loss At Ease

You are one of many people who lost your loved one. It is a huge shock and huge pain. You may remind negative, hurtful emotions and memories from the past. Anywhere you go, those memories emerge out of nowhere. You relive past moment all over again. It puts you into a trance, hypnotic state. You live in a living “nightmare”!

Life Is a Flow Chart

Some people constantly evolve, some stagnate and some give up. The choices you make at each period of life affect the direction for the next. Even if you get stuck or have a setback, there is always a way to do better next time.

The Story Of Your Life Is A Narrative That Should Be Written Properly And Edited Often

I have a question for you. This is important because I believe how you answer this question could change the balance of your life: When the time comes to leave this place, will you be able to look back on your past with fondness, gratitude, and satisfaction instead of regret and guilt? I invite you to take a deep breath and simply sit with this question for a moment… marinade in the essence of its profound implications; allow yourself to truly feel the reality of your last day on the planet for there lies the most precious gift.

Inner Growth – What Changes in Us?

A person’s inner growth consists of several successive states of mind. These are revealed in the symbolism used in the biblical creation story.

These 5 Habits Are Making Your Life Miserable

Everyone is looking for the perfect life and for daily happiness. But, few of us are aware of the fact that we are our own barrier in reaching happiness. Do you know how much energy and time we spend by thinking what others may think of us or our actions?

How 600 Rejections Changed His Life – Mark Ruffalo’s Struggle With Rejection, Setbacks & Tragedy

He is a force to be reckon with. In an interview with Rolling Stone this actor confessed that in his young Padawan days (his twenties) he was turned down 600x in auditions… left Hollywood twice… and struggled with unbearable anxiety. Let’s follow the green bread crumbs to see how he crawled through the rubble of life… smashed through setbacks… and emerged as the monster-sized force he is today.

How to Transform Your Life

Have you been feeling dejected in life lately? Do you want to have a more profound life? Then get ready to exist less and to live more.

Life Is Like A Big Play: The Role You Resist Most Becomes The One You Are Called To Act In Next

Life is a big play with no rehearsals other than the main act in which you are the star attraction, director and producer. This is to your benefit because you are given the opportunity to rewrite the next scene since nothing is set in stone. Sometimes you will feel stuck and wonder how you arrived at this point in your life. If you look back, you’ll see that every thought, decision and action led you to this point in time. Life is an endless river flowing through you. You cannot make a wrong decision because what you consider an undesirable outcome, contains the seed of opportunity and growth.

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