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My Musings On The Fear Of Success

We hear a lot of people talking about their fear of failure, which seems like a really valid fear because after all who wants to fail. Success, though, is something that most of us have worked our tail ends off for and we should be really happy about achieving. So, why is there a “fear of success.”

How to Overcome Your Negative Habits

The quality of a man lies in his actions and negative habits debase a man. It does not speak well of you if you indulge in bad habits Letting go of these bad habits involve conscious efforts. Though it might be hard and take time but a sheer determination to come out of it will always pay off!

Senior Moments: The Best Is Yet to Come

We currently live in a youth-driving society. That doesn’t mean, however, that senior citizens have little or nothing to contribute. Growing older can be the best time of your life.

How to Let Go of Attachments

We have attachments to both tangible and intangible things. The author examines ways to divest yourself of attachments that prevent you from growing and from being happy in the world.

Is Compromise Best?

Compromise is not as virtuous as cooperation and synergy. There are some things that are right and should not be weakened with compromise.

Leverage Your Lessons Learned: How Thinking Like a Plumber Can Increase Your Potential

Throughout our lives we will make many mistakes. Instead of those mistakes being great disappointments, we can leverage them as lessons learned! Learn several quick tips for making the most of mistakes, including thinking like a plumber.

What Is Influencing Your Decisions

Have you ever wondered what the guiding force is that influences the decisions and direction of your life? I know this is a huge philosophical question, which will not be answered in this blog, but it was the burning question that inspired me when I began my journey over a decade ago.

How to Find Your Purpose With One Simple Step

If you have a sense that there is a lack of vision or purpose for your life, be a detective looking for clues to your purpose. Simply pay attention over the next couple of days or weeks or months. After all, the best way to find something is to look for it. But here’s the key: set a definite date by which you will decide what your purpose is and then fully commit to it.

What Makes Great Listeners?

To truly listen to someone requires a big commitment. It doesn’t just mean you are overtly paying attention. It requires you to get out of your own head. Otherwise, you are simply listening to an interpretation of the speaker, instead of actually hearing what was said.

Don’t Let Your Vision Insult God

If the size of the vision that you have for your ministry and life isn’t intimidating to you, there’s a good chance it is insulting to God. -Steven Furtick- God is looking for people all over the world who will say, “God, what do you want me to do?” Then He wants them to be open to hear His answer and walk in obedience to it.

Inner Conversations

Your inner conversations are the scripts to your life. So many people live under the impression that everything in their life is completely out of their control. Little do they know that the inner conversations that they have about everything is shaping so much of their life.

Anthropomorphizing: It’s More Than an Unpronounceable Word

Anthropomorphizing is what we do when we associate human characteristics or qualities to something not human, like our pets. We see it all the time. People dressing up their pets in cute little human clothes, or costumes for Halloween, or with antler headdresses for Christmas.

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