5 Minute Meditation Anyone Can Do Anywhere

Walking With the Wise Men

Spending time with those who are wise reaps great benefits. In a similar way, hanging around with fools will bring harm. Read here what the famous Solomon had to say about this truth.

The Missing Piece to a Complete Life

Living a complete has little to do with what you have or do not have. It has everything to do with how you feel about yourself. Knowing your true self better is a good starting point to a complete life.

Fear of Confrontation

We all have a fear of confronting others, especially those we love. Come on my journey of a recent confrontation I had to have and see how we all go through the same types of things and why.

Advice on Making Friends

The people you call “your friends” set the standards for your life. You go in the same direction as your chosen companions.Who you become friends with can set the tone for your lifestyle therefore you must choose your friends with care and not just become friends with everyone just for the sake of becoming popular. The advice given here will hopefully prove helpful to you in choosing your friends.

Message From the Universe: Human Evolution at Its Best

Visualization is the stepping stone for greatness to come. Even though it seems like nothing great is happening to you, no money is coming in or you may feel depressed at times because of your hard work not rendering the results you expected, the wheels are turning and the Universe is paying attention. Stop focusing on what you are not getting and invest your energy what your mind can visualize. You will get there, in due time. Do not worry how it will happen, focus on when you will get to where you want to be and how life will change for you for the better.

Dreaming Ahead 13 of 365

There are many things that we can do daily that can help our communities. I believe that service is one of the top most priorities no matter what our station is in life. There are many ways to become socially responsible. In this article, you will find specific ways you can help your community become a better place. We need to leave this world a better place then how we found it and I hope that you join me in finding your way to help your community.

Wealth and Happiness Don’t Tango, And Never Have

Most people think that wealth and happiness go together, but it’s a serious misunderstanding. What the studies say today is what Solomon said thousands of years ago: wealth and happiness just don’t tango.

How to Grow Up Between 20 and 60 Years Old

When we grow up, we progress through different developmental levels. Studies show that we grow up naturally until about the age of twenty. Then, for reasons that are not terribly well understood, we simply stop growing. We remain at whatever developmental level we reached in our early twenties until the age of sixty or so, and then we start growing up again. Very few people actually grow up to the point of self-actualization. Currently only five percent of the world’s population is self-actualized or “fully” grown. There are things we can do between the ages of twenty and sixty to ensure we grow up fully. We need to do these things to become the very best version of ourselves we can be.

A Path to the Self – Three Ways to Improve Your Communication and Creativity

As you improve your ability to express your personal truth and unique self, you become your own person. You create new ways of approaching your life.

Instinctive Intelligence

I’d like to talk to you today about instinctive intelligence. You may be wondering what instinctive intelligence is. We’re going to look at the experts in this area. There are four main areas to consider, to start to function better and live the way we’re meant to.

The Gold in Feedback

The feedback you receive from other people is coming through their filters and opinions. While it’s not necessarily all true, it’s still incredibly valuable. Every piece of feedback you receive is a direct match to something that you’re putting out in the world.

Dreaming Ahead 9 of 365

Using your feelings and emotions can help you to bring your dreams into this reality. I believe that all that takes is being able to find exactly what you want and going after it. There are certain ways to increase your sensitivity to your gut feeling. Because it is so important to follow your gut this article will be about building that sensitivity so that you act when you must.

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