5 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Guided Meditation)

Begin Healing Your Life Now By Revealing The Inner Critic

Everybody has inner dialogue that can be helpful or can on the other hand be the inner critic you do not want to listen to. Some have an extra hostile inner critic compared to others. And it all begins with our internal idea of life, our internal discussion. Really, the internal voice heard as a critic began writing the script of our life, as an extremely vital facet of our life to this point and time.

When Do You Know You’re an Adult?

When do we become an adult? It’s a question that’s open to interpretation in many households. There are those 12-year old’s who think they’re 17 and then 28 year old’s who prefer to stay at home, being looked after and avoiding the personal and financial responsibilities of being independent.

How To Begin Finding Happiness And Strike An Emotional Cord With The World

Some of the very best comedies and funniest comics (Jim Carrey is an ideal example) produce material out of the everyday perils of life. It’s their enthusiasm and strong point of view that strikes an emotional cord in us and makes us rupture out with laughter. Go for it and liven your stories up with attitudes, dialects, voices and opinions. Be spontaneous and let it fly! When you get close to the end, stop, take a deep breath and provide the story a moment of silence.

7 Benefits of Reading the Bible

Why should you read the Bible? Aside from the fact that we have been instructed to do so, it makes a difference. This article shares seven benefits.

What Are The Best Ways For Finding Happiness In Life?

Being satisfied must be one of our key objectives in life and this in depth book series will certainly take viewers on a course to understanding straightforward actions. Finding happiness is about uncovering it and being all you can be in this world, while smiling as time goes by as one lives a balanced and happy life. The series redefines success and the ways to feel happy, recommending that it is determined in joy as well as not in properties.

How To Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

In life, how to transform your limiting beliefs is a necessity because they are just assumptions you make about reality. They are not true but only interpretations of past events and experiences. These sour ideas do not help or serve you. Instead, they hinder you, blocking you from reaching your goals.

Pin the Tail on the Purpose

When you were a child, did you ever play the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey? A.blindfold is put on you, and you get turned around and around, then you have to find the paper donkey, and pin the tail on it. It is a fun game for children, but not when you are older trying to find your purpose in life.

Rumination: How Rehashing the Situation Can Ruin Your Mood

Imagine the following scenario: You’re at work, the day seems to be going smoothly, and you’re looking forward to a relaxing evening at home. Then, with 15 minutes left your boss approaches you and informs you that you really messed something up. You apologize and try to explain what happened, but all your boss tells you is that you need to get your act together.

Procrastination Triggers: Perfectionism

What does an opinion mean to you? Do you believe that what other people think makes or breaks you? If you answered both questions in the affirmative, then perfectionism could be a trigger to your procrastination and should be dealt with at once.

Three Areas You Need to Begin to Know About You

You would be surprised how many people are going through their lives without knowing themselves. The reason for this is that they spend so much time listening to other people’s opinion of what is “right” for them, that they forgot to think for themselves. In this way it becomes very difficult to know ourselves. So where to start? I have three areas for you as a starting point.

Joy in Your Purpose

Perhaps, you’ve asked these questions to yourself before. The feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction may have pushed you to try and seek the answers to these questions. You may have a role to fulfill within your personal life and career but there is still that nagging feeling that you have a greater purpose in life.

How Well Do You Know Your SELF?

Although, it seems, the vast majority, of individuals, appear to believe, they fully understand, themselves, including their needs, goals, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, etc, the reality is, it is indeed, only the rare person, who is actually, ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with the utmost degree of introspection, and objectivity, in order to truly, know his SELF! Either most of us, bury – our – head – in the sand, and proceed, with a sense of denial, or, we are unwilling, to do, all that’s needed and necessary, to become the best, we might possibly be. With that in mind, this article…

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