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5 Useful Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination pervades every aspect of our lives. We have procrastinated in performing our duties at home, in school, in the work place, and in our most fragile human relationships. Avoiding procrastination is more effective when we start with little steps. And as we build on the small steps, we would be amazed at how much we can accomplish over the years.

It’s Impossible to Stop

Feeling uncomfortable about the things you want? This is for you.

Enlarge Your Comfort Zone

As leaders, we often find ourselves staying in our comfort zone or box. Perhaps, it is time to explore the meaning of comfort zone.

Awareness Before Change

If you are not satisfied with your level of health, relationships, career and finance right now, chances are you have enormous rooms for improvement and growth. The question is – why are you not doing it? Why are you still where you are now? The truth is that most people stay where they are now 6 months from now or even years from now.

How to Prioritize Your Life

Every body wants to be successful. As people say that to become successful you should know the things which you have to give priority.

What is Compassion?

We all know what compassion is, but many of us know it in theory. Here the story of how I learned the true meaning of Compassion.

Are You Flowing Effortlessly Through Life?

When you have found your true purpose, life should flow easily. Only when we fight our purpose do we get stuck!

What I Encountered Within – In Search of Global Peace

Copyright (c) 2010 AIMHI Educational Programs “We are three orphans from Ethiopia. Today we are…

Behaviour Analysis

A precisely established thought-pattern of an individual towards someone/something is mindset, while a specifically established work-pattern of an individual towards someone/something is behaviour. An established mindset/behaviour is evolved over a period of time and gives a consistent look to an individual. The very bases of mindset are knowledge, intellect, intuition, and collective wisdom, consequently a change or some shift in bases changes the mindset.

No More Circles

I don’t think anyone like to go around in circles; I know I don’t. If that is the case, why do we go in circles, go around the mountain, or jump through hoops?

To Achieve Your Personal Dreams You Have to Plant in the Spring to Reap in the Fall

There are people who do and there are people who don’t and this article separates the two and spells out the major differences. However, there is hope for those who don’t if they are prepared to grab hold of the challenge and make a success of their lives.

Is Ignorance Bliss – Are You Ignore-ant?

I used to live my life in a perpetual state of ignorance. Last week while meditating, a light came on that helped me remind myself when I am moving in that direction. It was as if a tiny voice inside me said, “Sandra, do not ignore what you see, feel and listen to. Be aware and listen to the sights, sounds, and be with your senses.” As I began to understand that many of my problems, in fact, most of them, stem from being, ignore-ant, I felt revelation. We really cannot ignore or tune out what we dislike. Do you find yourself in a state of ignore-ance where you are being, ignore-ant?

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