5 Minute Guided Meditation for a Calm Headspace

Dealing With Critical Issues on Work-Life Balance

A person’s own family is important, so is his or her work. But what happens when he or she chooses one over the other? A person choosing the work alone may not just lose the family but also the trust of the people he or she loves. A person choosing the family alone may continue to strive with difficulty for the family’s survival after losing the job. A perfect choice? The proper work-life balance.

Attributes For Better Life Ahead

Find out the things that motivate and inspire you to perform better and to love what you are doing. As much as there are bitter moments in life, try to forget and…

The Pursuit of Happiness and Your Dreams Come Alive

Every goal you set in your life should be set for one reason; Because its completion will make you more happy. If completing a goal doesn’t make you happy, it shouldn’t be your goal. Life is about being happy, if you are happy it doesn’t matter who or were you are, you are where you should be.

The Life Path Discovery Plan – Part 1 – Introduction

You can live your life on purpose, or you can let chance rule the day. You can develop a plan or you can live on a wish for things to get better. As we begin exploring these concepts, many of us are told to develop a vision or to write out our goals… but most of the time we aren’t shown exactly how to do these things. Then things get really complex when we talk about life purpose, values, your mission, etc.

House Clearance

What effective things can you do to help make your dreams come true and attract wealth into your life? Many have asked me how I do it so this week I have decided to share with you one way to do this.

Are You Open to Correction?

Manager- “I would like you to use the script.” Negative Nora- “I don’t have time.” Manager- “It will help all of us eliminate some of the mistakes we have been making.”

Stop Playing the Victim’s Role – Release Others and Forgive Your Self

Most of us carry around anger, resentment, jealousy or any other negative feelings directed to others. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, not to others. When you forgive you clean yourself from the bottom of your heart. When you forgive you take a BIG weight off your shoulders. Forgiveness releases the chains from your pain and suffering.

Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Emotional Health?

How do you feel about your emotions? Do you let them flow? Do you like all of them?

Cookie Cutter Greatness

Greatness requires us to reach our own individual level of excellence. There is no program for greatness. It can’t work because we aren’t designed that way. If we were, the Bible would have given us the perfect program.

Becoming the Business Person You Were Meant to Be – Part 5 – Developing Strategies

With SMART goals in hand, you are ready to build strategies around them.Β This is just like developing business strategies in that you can look at your various strengths and build strategies that play to them.

Self-Worth Building – All I Do Is Win

DJ Khaled, A hip-hop DJ, has a song that he titled “All I do is win.” The nature of the song is about success in money, glamour and fame. However, the beat and vibe of the chorus is what moves me. I find it such an awesome title that I have adopted it as my theme for greatness. Can you imagine the mountains you can move in your life if you walked around all day, every day telling yourself that you always win! Let me offer you a few ways that this theme can help you to increase your self worth and your vision of you.

What Type of Gap Year Programs Are Available?

If you are looking at gap year programs online, then you probably already know that there is a wide variety of programs from which you can choose. The choices you will have to make will include the country you want to travel to, the type of job you want, and the amount of free time that you will require. The real key to finding the right program for you is to take your time and evaluate your options.

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