5 Minute Gratitude Guided Meditation to Start Your Day

Can You Eat an Elephant?

Step by step, can or can’t? Whatever you choose to do to improve your life, getting into the habit of doing something regularly, being disciplined, and into a routine seems to be where most people fall down, that’s if they get past the first two steps. I know, from many past and personal experiences of falling down.

Dancing to Your Own Music

This article will show you how the beat you used to love as a child has been drowned out of the years but the outer worlds drum. See how your inner music has a role to play in your life and in the lives of others. This inner song you have drifted away from is your solo in the universal choir.

Driving By Braille

Living a spiritual life means leading your heart, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions on a path that is guided by positive feelings and good emotions. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and to the power that put us here to do that. It means being conscious of what your emotions tell you. It means using them as a means to the end, not making them the end point itself.

Step Into Your Greatness

If you’re unhappy in any area in your life, there’s a good chance that you’ve got an internal battle going on. Part of you wants to plow forward towards your dream while the other part is putting on the brakes.

What’s Your Running Commentary?

Most people are so fused with their false beliefs or negative thoughts that they can’t even hear them. They’re like the news banner that runs across the bottom of the TV screen: you know it’s there and you subconsciously absorb the information but you don’t give it much thought. What’s your running commentary?

Jealousy in Relationships – Is This Really Just Feeling Insecure?

When there is jealousy in relationships, it can tear that relationship apart. If your relationships mean a lot to you, it’s likely that you will want to do something about it. First of all, you may want to have a good look at that feeling of jealousy and see if the cause is really you feeling insecure.

Graduating From Groundhog Day

Graduating from Groundhog Day One of my favorite movies is Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. In the movie, Murray’s character is stuck in a frustrating cycle. Every morning when he wakes up, it’s the same day.

Time to Create Limitless Possibilities and Transformations

I trust that we all have had a great start so far into the New Year. Whether it is to start in making our resolutions happen, making amends or forming new habits we are commencing 2011 with greatness. This is why we love the New Year.

2 Suggestions for Living the Life You Want for Yourself

If you asked people what living life to the fullest meant, you would get different views and different philosophies. Many philosophers have not been able to tackle this question. This article reveals the truth about the subject.

How Gratitude Evokes Positive Changes

Being grateful. A concept many of us tend to overlook in a day and age when it seems we have just about everything we need, and then some in the modern world. Yet it’s one of the oldest, and most necessary concepts to utilize to attract more and better things into our lives. Read on to find out how being grateful brings more into the lives of those who use it to express thanks, and how it can positively affect your thinking and your life.

Teaching Our Children How to Work With the Angels

This article with teach you how to teach your children to work with angels. We all want our children to grow up to succeed and be happy in life, this will give them all an extra boost in getting there. I take you through the different stages of childhood and which angels will work with your children for different areas of their life.

How To Control Your Emotions – How To Change Your Life

If you want to know how to control your emotions, this is what you should remember – trying to control your emotions is a hard thing and to a large extent, unnecessary. The key is to let them be and instead choose your reaction to them.

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