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My Search for God Came to an End When I Discovered the Power of Self-Acceptance

It was only when I finally abandoned my search for the understanding of God, faith, Spirituality and the meaning of life that I found the simple solution to everything through the power of acceptance. The journey was all about unlearning what I had learned, dismissing the meanings and dispelling the deep seated beliefs. It was like starting all over again with a clean slate. When I gave up my way of thinking, and became willing to accept another way, I began to remember and experience that which I was looking for; myself.

8 Keys To Having An Astonishing Life

It’s unlikely that a remarkable life just happens by chance. It’s necessary to spend your time, energy, and focus in a deliberate manner. A lot of interruptions, lesser goals, and a lack of resources can obstruct you from living a fantastic life. The lack of a clear objective is the most common obstacle. These are difficulties that can be resolved with a little effort.

11 Super Simple Techniques for Conquering Loneliness

Who hasn’t been lonesome at one time or another? Loneliness is among the most typical emotions. No one is immune. While nobody escapes loneliness, it’s possible to minimize the unfavorable sensations connected with being alone. A couple of basic strategies can make isolation simpler to bear. Try to hang out with others and keep a favorable mindset.

Absolutely Great Tips To Facilitate Amazing Personal Development

Setting goals for success and self-help can be challenging. While the road to a better you is often paved with pitfalls and obstacles, you can complete the journey, with the right information on your side. This article reveals several sure-fire ways to increase your self esteem and become a happier, more effective person

7 Simple Tips To Understanding Any Type of New Skill

It could be argued that life is all about discovering new abilities. If you find out the right skills, you can be wealthy, play a musical instrument, have an excellent relationship, or juggle five balls. Mastering a brand-new ability is a skill in itself. There are numerous concepts to keep in mind as you discover a brand-new skill. Setting objectives, getting expert training, and having sensible expectations are very important.

Reflecting On the Past Can Give Needed Perspective

As I approach another birthday, having past “middle age” a few years back, I find myself thinking more and more about the future. I believe there are several reasons for that, which I will explore in a moment. But reflecting can give much needed perspective regarding the future.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 6

Ignore Insults – There was a day when intelligent people could insult each other with some real class. The story is told that playwright George Bernard Shaw disliked Winston Churchill so he sent him an invitation to the opening night of his new play with this note: “I’m enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play.”

Developing Self-Inspiration

Developing self-trust is a crucial element to develop in your life; without self-trust you’ll go no where. Learn how to develop your self-trust and grow in life.

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

What happens when life throws you a curve ball? This usually means that you’ve been forced out of your comfort zone by a change that is inevitable, and whatever the reason, this huge change can cause you to lose your balance in life, even if only for a little while. Rather than an obstacle, see your problem as a step in your life’s journey towards learning. A negative incident is an obstacle only if it stops you from reaching your objectives, and if you continue to overcome the curved balls as they come, you are moving ahead in life. Irrespective of what life throws at you, if you’re coping with it in a constructive manner, remember that no one and nothing can pull you down!

The Power of Respond – Ability

Responsibility is such a heavy word. Being responsible can mean taking the blame or being at fault when things go wrong. Being responsible can mean that you’re the only one being accountable for the success or failure an endeavor.

New Paradigm Power Games

Power Games – Again, it seems, we’re collectively going through a seismic shift. Momentous changes are happening. People are being rocked to their core. There are strong reactions on one side or another.

Message From the Universe: From Small to Magnificent! Never Underestimate Your Dreams

The only control you have over yourself is the nature of your dreams, You can dream big or small, and the results will come respectively. Try NOT to be afraid of your dreams because they are too big, because it is better to negotiate downward with the Universe instead of upward. If you dream too small, you will only get small result. So why deprive yourself from the benefits of living large? Start looking at things differently and put yourself up there, and not DOWN there.

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