5 Minute Chakra Balancing Meditation

Managing The Day-To-Day Stressors In Your Life Is Part Of Divorce Recovery

Stress is a part of everyone’s life but when it gets out of control, problems can arise. Divorce can cause undue amounts of stress, but part of divorce recovery is learning to manage your new life. Managing the stress in your life is an important step, but it is not always the easiest of tasks to accomplish.

The Problem of Cyncism

In the work I do at Newfield, we spend a lot of time working with, and looking at, moods and emotions. Not in the psychological sense, but more from the perspective of moods and emotions as pre-dispositions for action.

The Laws of Attraction – How They Can Propel You to Success

Your mindset determines your success. Once properly trained and utilised, your brain will attract to you all that you richly deserve.

A Voice Made For Guided Meditation – Does Your Program Have It?

One of the most important factors in your enjoyment of guided meditation is the voice, the vocal quality, and the delivery of the narrator. If you’re not comfortable with the narrator’s voice, you won’t enjoy listening to the recording, and won’t get much out of it.

4 Ways Gratitude Helps You Navigate Difficult Situations

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to navigate challenges and difficulties gracefully? No matter what’s happening around them, their energy illuminates everything and things just seem more possible when they’re around.

Anger and Forgiveness – Let Go, Let God!

What usually keeps us from forgiving? The first reason would be PRIDE. As human as we are, we always tend to have a mindset that the other person should make the first move for reconciliation. Sometimes we don’t want to forgive because we don’t want to look weak or be rejected or misunderstood. This then would lead us to FEAR. Another reason why we don’t forgive is that we keep on rehearsing what happened. Some people continue to dwell in the past and keep on remembering the hurtful experience. Some people would also be given negative advice to a point that bitterness in their hearts grows stronger. Some just lack the desire to forgive and just don’t want to make a move to do it until they feel like it. The worst part is that some people would justify the other person’s actions and will rationalize what happened so that they don’t have to forgive.

New Year and a New You

It’s a new year but will it be a new you? Do you have what it takes to make those changes you want so badly?

Giving People Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances? I do. And because I do my wife and I got screwed out of $5,000. Ouch! So here are some take-aways for you…

Personal Development: Where’s the Juice?

The phrase, ‘Personal Development’ has a wide variety of possible meanings. Opportunities to grow and change are different at different stages in one’s life; and the context in which we live those changes – family, work, community, relationships, times of plenty, times of hardship, grief or loss – also varies widely during one person’s lifetime. Is it possible to distil the common features on a pathway of personal development? What makes up the juice, the essence of a fruitful personal growth practice? Common features that might be repeated over a brief time frame, and also be relevant to those seeking deep personal development over an extended period of time. Does grasping a moment to live fully have the same qualities as grasping a lifetime well-lived? I use two scenarios: an argument with the boss, and living with adversity, to explore essential personal development lessons.

How to Properly Stretch

When I got up this morning, I lifted up my arms and stretched as far as I could. Afterwards, I put my hands down to my side and just relaxed.

Why Am I Here on This Earth?

Is your life very complex? Why is your entire life so difficult? Find out why and how you can change it…

The Power of Today: Valuing Family Relationships

At the beginning of each year we sit for a moment to reflect on the previous years and the changes we plan to make for the New Year. We reexamine our old habits and relationships; all with the intent of making each better in the coming year.

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