5 Minute Affirmations for Positive Thinking Guided Meditation

3 Tips for Recognizing the Personal Beauty in Others

Do you want to become more aware and conscious of the beauty that you hold within yourself? Would you like to feel the connection between another person on a deeper level? Then start by recognizing the personal beauty in others.

Human Personality (Biological Determinants)

There is some suggestion in the Psychological literature that the biology of the human is responsible for personality. That is, how the individual’s brain is wired at birth will dictate his/her personality. Other thoughts about personality determinants consider the experiences of the individual as the most vital contribution to formation of personality. This article discusses these controversies in psychological literature findings.

In Life What Do You Pack And What Do You Leave Behind?

You find yourself going on a new trip, a new journey. You arrive at the airport, excited and perhaps a little apprehensive. As the check in lady calls you forward you wheel your baggage to the desk and with great strain you lift it onto the carousel. It feels good to pass it off to another person and get it out of your hands, it was really weighing you down.

Sacral Chakra – The Creative Sensuality

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the seven chakras of the body. Located right next to the first chakra, that is the Root Chakra, it is also known as Spleen Chakra. In Sanskrit language, it is recognized as “Swadhisthana” which means “sweetness”.

Fact: The Way You Think About Yourself Determines Your Reality!

Why do I say this? I know it to be true in my own life, from past and present experience, and I’ve seen it played out in the lives of countless others.

How To Create A Wealthy Mindset

Rhonda Byrne has pointed out in her latest book, The Power: Life isn’t happening to you; life is responding to you. This single statement is the basis of creating a wealthy mindset. You see most people believe that life is doing things to them when in reality it is the other way around, life is responding to you.

Are You Hooked on Over-Thinking?

Call it what you will… over-thinking, ruminating, rehashing, or mental reruns the process is the same. Repetitively going over events or conversations in our minds and questioning every comment, motive or gesture and along the way improving our performance with the ideal comeback remark or the perfect strategy that would surely have helped us walk away the “winner.” Of course, no amount of replaying an old conversation or event in our heads will change the actual outcome. Instead we end up feeling tense and uncomfortable, as our bodies respond to the mental reruns as if they were present reality. Worse still, our tendency to rehash old conversations can negatively affect current relationships and we end up behaving in our present relationships as if those past conflicts were still happening today. Over-thinking can sap self-confidence, your ability to solve problems, and your sense of control over your life.

Free Won’t: 5 Steps To Keep Control Over Your Emotions

Several years ago, I related a Ki Moment in which my ability to center and regain emotional control was tested. In the middle of multi-tasking kitchen chores, I turned around and walked into the open door of the dishwasher, cracking my shin and careening in pain. Instead of tearing the door from its hinges, I caught myself, took a breath and re-centered. The incident came to mind recently when I attended a presentation on “Free Will and Free Won’t.” I’d never heard the phrase “Free Won’t,” and I was intrigued.

The Power of Choice (Living a Chosen Life)

Mindfulness is the practice of having a calm awareness of one’s feelings, thoughts and experiences in the present moment, without judging them, or yourself, as good or bad. It means living in the moment and awakening to new experiences. It is part of the Zen mind, and It is one pathway to living a life of your choosing. There was once a great Zen Master who…

Is Your Dream Alive?

The Bucket List, a film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, hit the theaters in 2007. The critics gave it mixed reviews, but I thought it was great. Two men with terminal cancer, each with a list of unrealized life experiences. Dreams unmet. For Edward Cole (Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (Freeman), basically, it meant a lot to do in very little time. A bucket list is a list of all the things we want to do before we “kick the bucket.” The movie is funny and sad and it made me think. Do I have a bucket list? Do you?

Qualities for Success and Happiness in Your Life

On my trip down to Florida, I was reading John Wooden’s book, “Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On & Off the Court.” I absolutely love John Wooden and there are several aspects of his book that “spoke” to me. I not only shared them with the boys this week, I want to share two different ones with you. They deal with not only developing success in life, but also how to attain happiness and harmony in your own life.

When You’re In That Bad Place: 3 Myths That Keep You Stuck

Face it. We all have bad days or bad seasons where we don’t have a sense of well-being. Even though no one likes to be in “that bad place”, it’s not so easy to get out. Are you in one of those times right now? Are you having trouble getting out of the dumps and into a better place? If so, you may be dealing with some misconceptions that are holding you captive.

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