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2.3. Prepare for Action: Talk

You are about to change the total direction of your life. You are going to move from a life of relative idleness to one of ambition and perhaps even sacrifice and the transition can be scary. You need to talk.

10 Ways to Make the Most of 2015

In a few hours, we would be stepping into the much awaited New Year. While some are really excited about how the year 2014 went for them, some others cannot really say that it was a great year. Either ways, it’s time to move forward and set the stage for the 2015.

Surviving Holiday HELL – Self-Care Tips for Sexual Abuse Survivors During the Holiday Season

The aged old question of DO I STAY or DO I GO is one that survivors of sexual abuse are fretting over during the Holiday Season. I’ve heard it said that the #1 cause of stress = CHOICES. With that notion in mind, sexual abuse survivors have a vitally important CHOICE to make; to spend the holiday’s with extended family or not.

The Mother of All Success

f you believe success in any endeavor requires a clear-cut destination, I’m about to rock your paradigm. Success is dependent upon routine.

The Ultimate Gift in Life That is Overlooked

Some might think that the gift is life itself and while I would agree that life is a gift, it’s not the ultimate one. One of my favorite quotes is “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.” And I would also agree that today is a precious gift but this isn’t the one either.

Finding Your Mission

No matter what success you may or may not have had, there often comes a time (or more) when you ask the question, “What am I doing here?” Feeling into this is far from easy and takes an immense amount of presence over time and patience to see through what can be the darkest of our days. This is an exploration into one form of finding that reason for being.

Shape Behavior to Cope

Examine the behavioral relationship of demeanor, outlook and outcome and how each contributes to emotional balance and well-being specifically when faced with tough life-altering or life-threatening situations. All three alone and collectively work together to affect behavior either favorably or unfavorably. Learn to manage all three for a better outcome.

What Keeps Us Feeling Alive, Satisfied and Stimulated?

What do we need to do to keep feeling alive, satisfied and stimulated? Is to keep learning the answer? Some people are perpetual students, but actually aren’t we all continually learning? Starting from birth learning to stand, walk, talk’ and all the other tasks children take in their stride. Then school, college, university, or apprentice, and other work training, progressing through our careers always learning from birth to death.

The Greatest Gift I Ever Got Was Giving My Haasen Fraas Away

Sometimes the things we want the most have the greatest value when we give it away. The act of giving can be more powerful than losing what we wanted.

Choice Rationalization

Are you being honest with yourself about the choices you are making? Pointedly, about finances, food, health, relationships are you reacting in ways that support success? Challenging your thinking may reveal choices that seem rational but in fact are unhealthy regarding your personal desires.

Part 2.1: Pray: Seek Wisdom From the Source of All Wisdom

You pray, not because you are a wimpy, helpless, crybaby who is so insecure you think you must depend on some invisible power in the sky to get you through the day. No, you pray because you have, or at least you desire, a personal relationship with God. You believe God lives and he is interested in your life.

Image Obsessed: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Image Obsessed?

If someone was asked what comes to mind when they think about social media, they might say ‘Selfies.’ These are rarely pictures that people just take and then share; they are pictures that are usually altered so that they look right and after this has taken place, they are shared with their ‘friends.’

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