Growth Through Talking and Sharing Your Innermost Feelings With Others

Growth through talking and sharing one’s inner feelings and fears. Men especially need to talk more and share more. It is not a sign of weakness to admit you are vulnerable but a sign of great strength.

Success Killers: Mistaking Perfection for Excellence

Though a perfectionist might think that their efforts are likely to fail if the end result isn’t at the level they want it, the reality is that perfectionism is actually a major obstacle to success. Excellence will help you to achieve success. Perfectionism will prevent it.

Are You Getting the Feedback You Want?

What to do when your life seems to be falling apart? Pay attention to the feedback around you, clearly seen in your life circumstances and manifestations. Change your hidden beliefs, change your life.

Managing a Difficult Boss Is Your Job

In a previous article, I compared a leader with a ruler. The primary purpose of the article was to motivate my readers who are in leadership positions to do a little self-evaluation with regard to how they were dealing with their employees and/or direct reports. The focus of this week’s post is on you, the employee or direct report of a difficult boss. The title of the article pretty much sums up my position on how to deal with someone who is difficult to work with – or work for.

Do You Believe in the Power of Choice?

Karma or Fate? Are we destined to do what we wrote in our Book of Life without the ability to shape our futures? I believe that we have the ability to change the outcome and that nothing is pre-determined. What do you believe? Will you walk a pre-determined path or choose to change the inevitable for the better?

Nobody Succeeds in a Big Way, Except by Risking Failure

We have choices in our lives. We can choose to either stay in the status quo or we can take risks that lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

How Do You Move Through This?

Transition. Transform. Transcend.

Human Consciousness Shift in Healing

In order to heal from illness and disease it is important to look inward and connect to your inner wisdom. More and more people are doing this and by shifting their own consciousness, they are shifting their health and their lives for the better.

Virtuous Mother

This article is for mothers who are looking to be more spiritually affirmed and led in their mothering. Virtuous mothering calls for loving unconditionally, leading faithfully, and learning continuously.

Why Do People Seek Pain

Self-mutilation, or other means of self-inflicted pain, physically, mentally or emotionally, are common to everyone. Everyone finds some way to inflict one form of pain or another on themselves, and we all wonder why.

5 Ways To Impress Your Managers’ Boss

Most of the top management people do not have enough time on hand and generally make a quick first impression. I have noticed many a times that these one-of interactionsย are remembered for yearsย and may make or mar the destiny of an employee.

Tips to Help When Work Is a Scary, Stressful Place

For some people work is a scary intimidating place. Everyone else seems to be intelligent, competent, adept and popular. They may leave one job for another but the pattern repeats, often becoming worse. Let this article help to improve that situation.

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