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Focus Time, Talent (Energy + Efforts) And Treasure (Funds) In The Right Places

What will be your legacy, what structure are you putting in place to outlast you? These are the kind of questions that one may be asking once in a while to keep things in perspective. To make sure that you are making the most of the life and opportunities that you have been bestowed. To make sure you can have reasonable and responsible answers to such magnificent questions as the ones asked, there is an extreme need to make sure that one focuses time, talent which is energy, and efforts as well as all the treasures like funds and resources in the right places. How can you do this?

Moving Beyond the Rat Race

As a business coach, I interact with shop owners every day. I have discovered that most, at one time were motivated by a desire to move beyond the rat race. The rat race is an unhealthy competition that is created by the misguided concept that there is a limited supply of resources in the universe and that to succeed; you must do it at the expense of your competitor.

Your Strengths and Values Could Be the Key to Making Your Work-Life Happier

Being aware of yourself and feeling great about yourself this helps a lot in making your work-life a lot better. The way you do this is by having a correct sympathetic view of your values and strengths these are the qualities that make you feel great about yourself.

From Rational Skepticism to Irrational Skepticism

Many people, especially in the academic world, look at the world in a very rational way. They view everything related to energies and spirituality with skepticism, a rational skepticism.

A Pointed Hat

Flashing lights, smoke, the speed of the hand: God himself can be made to appear in a box and then to vanish again. Such is the ambition of the brain, the powers of which are really limitless.

Getting on Stage to Build Confidence

If you really want to project confidence to other people, nothing beats being up on stage in front of them. And there’s nothing like the feeling you get on stage either; that’s why performers say there’s no business like show business. Some simple ways to do it are by learning public speaking, auditioning for amateur theater, or getting up at an open mic night.

Deactivate Difficult People

Ever had people angry at you? Yelling at you? Being sarcastic towards you?

Addiction, Depression, Divorce and The Lizard Brain

Here are some common questions people ask: Why do people set themselves up for bad relationships when they know the other person doesn’t share their necessary values? Why would someone who knows they have a drug or alcohol problem continue to drink or use drugs?

Life Lessons Learned From My Dog

I adore my dog Scout. In fact, my husband, son and pretty much anyone who hasn’t been previously mauled by a dog is smitten with her. I don’t think I’m biased when I say that there is something very special about Scout. I believe she’s an old soul and has graced us with her presence to teach us some really valuable life lessons.

Relationship and Career Advice for Over 45s

In midlife, many of us are settled into a routine. We have the same job that we’ve had for years, we live with the same partner, we buy the same brands at the supermarket every week, We’re probably quite conservative when it comes to change. This may be absolutely right for many people. It could be completely wrong for others. If you aren’t happy in your job, or your relationship, why do you stay? Why are you wasting so many hours of your life?

Self Motivation – 10 Key Steps When Faced With Impossible Choices

Your employers are taking advantage of you, you are about to be made redundant, you are in debt and your finances are a mess, your wife/husband/partner and you keep arguing, you are under so much pressure – you need to “do” something, anything, right now. We live in an age and a culture that is obsessed with instant fixes and that confuses the apparent reality of the world as we think we know it with how it really is. Many people are now experiencing unwelcome and painful situations of imposed change. There are no magic bullets but there is a way through these times of harsh imposed change.

Self Motivation In Times Of Imposed Change

There are two levels of self-motivation: firstly there is the day to day, “task level motivation” of achieving routine activities, and then there is the “big picture level motivation” that is required to get you through situations of significant imposed change that have large and perhaps dramatic impacts on your life. Our focus here is on the self-motivation that is needed to deal with the “big picture” stuff.

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