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Guilt, Mistakes, Failure: How To Be There For Yourself With Self Compassion

Well, what if I told you that the way you respond to yourself FIRST can determine whether you will repeat that situation again and become a victim to your situation. It also determines whether you will finally put an end to the vicious cycle.

Searching From Within Is Hard to Do!

Often the people we surround ourselves with are a strong indication as to where we are on our Spiritual path.  Take a look around you at the company you keep and take a look over your past; there many clues as to how fast you are growing or if you are holding yourself back in life.

Do You Wanna Be A Billionaire So Bad?

We all want to get to the top of the ladder as soon as possible, but it takes a process. And every process takes time. The waiting time is to learn and be prepared for the tasks at the top of the ladder.

Between Tolerance and Complacency: Where Do You Draw the Line?

How much of your true feelings and needs do you sacrifice in the name of tolerance? I know, respecting other people’s opinions, rights, and choices is a very good thing, but through our social conditioning we have muddled the value of setting personal boundaries with intolerance, selfishness, or lack of love, and this confusion ends up hurting our relationships and deterring us from attaining our goals and nurturing our own sense of self. Where do you draw the line?

Do You Give TMI on First Dates?

Are you providing detailed, personal, even intimate information on every topic that comes up on your first dates with a new person? If so, you might be sending the wrong signals.

Keys For Becoming An Outperformer

As a speaker and author in the field of performance management, I’m often asked if there are specific keys for becoming an outperformer. Well, as a matter of fact, I think there are attributes and skills that are key to being a high performer in any organization. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but here are four skills every outperformer has:

Don’t Gamble With Your Life

Many people gamble with their lives. By that I mean that they don’t plan a single thing. They just cruise along allowing life to push them in whatever direction it fancies. Now this may not seem too bad if you don’t mind being pushed into situations which may or may not be to your liking. However it is far better to have a life plan. That way you know precisely what you want, where you are going, and how you are going to get there.

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

When I started with my current company 5 years ago, I never knew how much I was going to have to change to become a person who succeeds. I also didn’t realize how strong I would end up being on the inside, and how things I thought impossible then, now happen on a regular basis.

How to Say “No” Without Making Enemies

You just said yes to something you did not want to do. Again. And why? Because you did not want to appear rude or make the other person angry. It’s not in you nature to be confrontational.

3 Ways to Inspire Change in Your NICU – Week 2 – Mastery

I remember as a newer neonatal therapist thinking, “I can’t wait until I have 5 years of experience in the NICU because THEN I’ll know everything I need to know.” And then I found myself saying the same thing about 10 years of experience and then 15. And while this makes me laugh now, it also explains why I love this field.

Give The Gift Of Your Example to the World

Are you are looking around your environment and wondering how to change and improve the people around you? Do you believe this is even possible or desirable? As surprising as this answer may seem at first glance, the best way to help the people around you, to change, is to focus on changing the one thing you have 100 % control over, namely yourself. Work to change and improve yourself and almost as if by magic everyone around you will change If you want the world to change, you need to change.. The greatest contribution you can make to everyone around you is to invest into your own personal development and growth.

Calling All Helpful People

Did you know that there is an area in your home and your office that relates to the help and support you receive from others in your life and business? It’s true and it’s important to know about this area because it has a direct affect on your life experiences and whether you attract the people into your life who can help and support you or whether you attract people who are particularly unhelpful or even malicious.

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