3 Ways to Manifest & Change Your Appearance Using Law of Attraction [THIS REALLY WORKS!!]

Are You Honestly You?

The key to growth, change, and happiness is starting with the truth… about ourselves. An accurate and honest assessment puts us in a great position to make change and deal with issues.

Personality Enhancement 103: The Art of Being Yourself

The key to enhancing your own personality is to make sure that you could be who you really are amidst everything that may come your way. That way, you will find the strength to face every challenge that you will meet in the future. However, one can ask how can you exactly “be yourself?

How to Avoid Going Back to That Same Old Story

We all want to be successful as we mature into our next half.  We want to love what we are doing and who we are being.

A Question for You

A lack of meaning in your life can be an important part of the problems you face, but it may not be your only problem. If you could eliminate one problem in 2013, what would it be?

Action You Can Believe In

When it comes to solving problems, many of you have found taking action isn’t all that hard. The hard part is sustained action. As you have discovered, without sustained action difficult problems aren’t solved or resolved, they just get saved and recycled for later.

Work Life Balance – It Is Up to You, Not the Company!

I must find a job that gives me Work Life Balance! My Boss does not understand Work Life Balance! The company expects too much from me! I don’t have time for a Social Life! All common statements about Work Life Balance, the most common complaint is that it is the Company’s fault. Well it is not! Work Life Balance is your responsibility!

The Importance Of Self Improvement And Its Products

There are times in life when we don’t use self improvement products, we get doubts and fears that we wish we were someone else and living some other kind of life. Most of our lives we live with the firm belief of others being better. But the truth is quite the opposite. Suppose you notice a gorgeous girl at some party, sitting alone quietly with her drink. You may think she’s appearing to be collected and calm, but she may be full of her own complexes regarding her looks, her personal problems – and the fact that she is sitting without any company and no one seems to bother! Unknown to you, she may be wishing she were someone else.

Self-Improvement And Products

Self Improvement Products are here to help. In life, everything happens for a reason. Often, a little action snowballs into a major event. Instead of crying over spilt milk, what you need to do is to pull yourself together and move on. Getting over all your past troubles makes you strong and capable of improving yourself to attain success.

What Are You Holding Onto That’s Holding You Back?

Sometimes we hang onto ideas that keep us from moving forward and experiencing our dreams. We may not even be aware what we’re doing, but it still blocks us. Learn 5 things to do if you’re stuck in place.

Essential Habit for Personal Growth and Development

Find it hard to focus on what you are doing? If your mind wanders, then like most other people, you need to develop this habit of focused attention.

7 Factors That Hold You Back When Working Online

Are you guilty of allowing certain ‘subtle’ factors or circumstances to hold you back from living your dreams as a successful internet entrepreneur? Read on to discover 7 common factors that may be impeding your progress from taking the next step to building yourself a successful online business!

Dancing With Time

As this month draws to a close, I’m sitting cozy in my office, three large dogs sacked out on the floor around me, while sheets of ice fall from the sky. This is by no means a typical winter day in east Tennessee.

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