3 Unusual LOA Practices That Will SPEED UP Your Manifestations in 2021

Stop Suffering With Phobias

Phobias dominate the lives of many but you don’t have to be controlled by them. There are several steps that can lift you out and away from phobias such as…

5 Steps to Hot Summer Journaling

You can use summer’s relaxed lifestyle to encourage new adventures, like journal writing. Let the season’s inspirations open up new frontiers in self-awareness through journaling – with less effort than you might expect!

A Faith Prayer Must Have Staying Power

God wants you to know that your faith prayer must have staying power. Knowing God begins with believing, accepting, and having faith in the Truth of His Word with expectation. A faith prayer must have staying power in the Lord as you seek Him.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – How To Be Happy

When you are the adult child of an alcoholic or the victim of emotional abuse, your emotional offering is negative. You wonder how it is you keep attracting negative situations and people into your life. You learn to believe this place called earth is unfair, and fail to understand that in any moment you can quite literally change your life. I know this is true, because in spite of the deep wounds I carried, I healed and manifested a life worthy of a queen. And you can too. It won’t happen overnight, but if you trust in what you learn below, you can heal your life regardless of the state it is in now.

Finding That Elusive Work-Life Balance

This article looks at work-life balance and suggests ways in which we can find balance in our everyday lives. It also examines whether the perception of “having it all” is simply a myth and something we strive to achieve as a result of seeing others around us who appear to be juggling successful careers and a busy home-life, while all the while appearing to be managing it all without any help from others. The article examines practical ways in which we can empower ourselves to achieve a better work-life balance and improve our quality of life as a result.

Two Important Life Skills

When it comes to mastering the skills that are necessary to help you live the life that you want, have the success that you want, and the relationships that you want, I have found that there are two in particular that are perhaps the most important, and also the most difficult. If you embrace these two life skills they seem to make everything else so much easier.

Are You Wasting Your Time (on Spiritual Development)?

Nothing’s ever wasted. But it can be left unused. Learn to take full advantage of what you already know.

Is Your Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

The fear of failure is a dreadful feeling that could stop us from reaching our true potential. It is only by overcoming this fear are we able to enjoy life to the fullest and do all the things that we want to do.

Retirement: A Time to Heal a Badly Bruised Human Spirit

Disengagement is a huge problem in the workplace, but it is caused by years of psychological mistreatment that finally culminates in emotional detachment. This article reviews three factors in the corporate workplace that contribute to disengagement: 1) Decoupling of actions from outcomes, 2) Violation of core values, and 3) Exorcising individual differences to homogenize everyone into sameness in the service of corporate goals. Cumulatively, these factors lead to alienation and unhappiness and ultimately disengagement. However, retirement is a time for renewal and shedding the negative influences of the past. The author lays out four directions as you enter retirement to overcome these negative workplace influences. The goal is to heal a badly bruised human spirit as part of the journey into and through retirement.

When Safety Doesn’t Matter

There are times when safety doesn’t matter. I’m talking about personal safety, public safety, and workplace safety. Safety doesn’t matter… until it does. Unfortunately the time safety seems to matter is after an accident, or after multiple ignored warnings that result in a tragedy. In other words regret or fear is too often the catalyst that makes safety matter.

Why Don’t You Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Do you ever experience the anxiety that comes from uncertainty? That feeling that you don’t know what is yours to do or how to figure that out and get yourself to that ‘next place.’

You Need To Blog!

Blogging is one of the quickest and most effective ways to share ideas, promote your business and to establish yourself as an expert. Here’s the best part… it’s easy too!

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