3 Things You MUST Do to Speed Up Your Manifestation in 2022 | Massive ENERGY SHIFT!!

It’s Time To Wake Up

As I sit here I must speak honestly and openly. Pride is a very dangerous place to live in.

Don’t Let Your Past Be Your Excuse For Your Future

One major reason is the fear of the unknown. We want to know and see our future. Because we cannot, we take what we think is the safe route, by just remaining right where we are because we think, “well at least I know whats going on right now.”

It’s Time To Clean Out Your Closet

Not everyone can go with you on your full journey in your life. These very people sometimes are the reason you cannot walk into your destiny and you need to recognize there time is up.The same can be said about habits. Your habits create routines, if those habits are unstable that will shorten your ability to clearly see life the way God has purposed for you, and they will eventually shorten your life.

The Fear of Aging

We have everything backwards in this culture regarding our expectations and perceptions of the two major transitions in adult life: getting married and aging/death. We look forward to getting married and dread aging, when it should really be the other way around! Read on to learn more.

A New Consciousness Is Truth Spoken

We seem to be quite intelligent as children. We’re able to speak the truth about what we see. We’re able to see the world as it actually is.

Live in the Now!

Many of us go through life putting our joy on hold. Read on to find out about embracing the power of now!

I Will Build Myself Up Instead of Tear Myself Down

Don’t let you current or past situations define who you are (like a bad marriage, bad relationships, financial lack, unorganized lifestyle, or anger and anxiety). Remind yourself that its temporary, I will over come with God’s help, I will be stronger, wiser, more focused, more determined, more driven and more trusting in my future because I deserve the best of what God wants for me.

If Kerry Katona Can Do It, Then So Can You!

If anyone got the opportunity to see Kerry Katona being interviewed on Alan Carrs ‘Chatty Man’ last night then you have seen one of the perfect examples of how ANYONE can turn their lives around should they have lost their way. Kerrys example is living proof that people can change their plights no matter what the situation. Kerry’s story bears what I teach and know.

Self Trust

It is so important to be in charge of your emotions and not to allow how you feel be dictated by the actions of others. There comes a point when you have to start looking within and stop relying on others – a time when you form your own opinions about what will and will not stand in your life. Getting to this stage in life has everything to do with self trust.

How to Use Your Inner Magic to Create Healing

You only get stuck when you give away your personal power. We are the Co-Creators of the world we see. Here is my 10 step program to reclaim your power.

Examining Right And Wrong to Find Inner Peace

For me, there is no definition; are only feelings and choices, to be perceived as ‘wrong and right’. What is wrong and what is right will be different for everyone. That is why the journey to inner peace is such a personal one.

Smart Ways to Appear Confident – Part 2

Do you lack confidence? Do you wish there was an easy way to improve your confidence? In the second part of ‘Smart ways to appear confident’, we continue with some easy to implement, smart ways to help appear confident and build your long term confidence. So follow these easy tips to instantly appear more confident.

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