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Pumpernickel or Strawberries? Walk a Mile In My Shoes

You think you’re a good person. You try to do the right things every day. You go to church every week. But, there’s still feelings of unease, of disquiet. There is something you MUST know…

You’re Sexy And You Know It – Trust Yourself

We all think we have flaws. Every one of us thinks people are looking at all the things in us we ‘don’t’ possess. Yes, people judge.

Seven Ways to Think Creatively

I have this theory that the three things most people would like to avoid (at all costs) are dying, speaking publicly and thinking creatively. Well, the first option is unavoidable, you might be able to dodge the second, but you’re really shooting yourself in the foot if you try and avoid creative thinking.

The Truth Is Not That Complicated

Living in excess and following the lies fostered by the many distractions keeps people from recognizing true meaning to life. Striving to live a more balanced life and choosing to take the time to serve others is not a chore, but a valuable tool one uses to discover their purpose. The truth is not that complicated, and the answer is backed up by scientific evidence.

It’s All In How You See It

As unique individuals with distinctive personality traits, emotional wiring, thought processes and ‘come from’, everybody has a different perception. That’s why it’s so important to try to see a given situation through the eyes of someone else.

How to Embrace the Unknown to Let Go of Familiar Suffering

How many times have you prevented yourself from trying something new because of the unknown. See how you can embrace the fear of the unknown to let go of familiar suffering to live your best life!

Determining What Is Reality

In the philosophical world, “what is real,” was deduced by determining, “first principles.” Descartes, used a system of doubting everything he could possibly doubt, until what remained he considered as purely indubitable truths. His most famous proposition is I think, therefore I am. The problem with Descartes proposition, “I think, therefore I am,” is the idea that thinking is the primary ingredient for existence. Current evidence indicates that experiencing/awareness is a function of the whole human system. This substantiates the proposition that awareness is what underlies human existence, or determining what is real. Unfortunately, an individual human’s ability to determine, “what is real” is corrupted from its inception. It is still generally believed that infants are nothing more than a ball of human flesh or clay, which needs to be formed by it’s parents into a social being. What experiential learning ability we have retained by the time we reach school age is further deadened in most individuals by the educational system. As a result, the more education/Indoctrination we acquire, the greater likelihood that any experiences we have retained, which are the remnants of our innate awareness’, are consigned to be the products of our, “imagination,” or “coincidence,”

The Key to Success Is Knowing Yourself Better and Here Is How You Can Know Yourself Better

Most of us live a mediocre life, full of frustrations and setbacks. We all strive to achieve lofty goals. But very few of us succeed in life.

Making Friends With Your Feelings

Ever notice how suppressing emotions doesn’t work? When I am busy monitoring my ‘feelings pipeline’ ready to cap the well should any unwanted feelings start to bubble up, then I am not fully present in this moment. What if we welcomed our feelings instead of filtered them?

The Holy Bible As a Martial Art

In my life there have been a couple of times when I was being bullied. It was clear that the bully wanted to fight me right then and there. Both times, I didn’t want to fight. But how would I get out of the situation?

Reinventing Yourself After Sixty

The quality and duration of your life is determined by your birth right, diet, health, nationality, personal circumstances, DNA, family structure and lineage, gender, immune system, talents, personality, intelligence, skills, abilities, cash flow, motivation, health, will, intent, desire, ambition, tax bracket, peer pressure, religion, race, laws, rules and regulations, creativity, lifestyle, cooperation, political persuasion, attitude, temperament, education, employment, salary, values, ethics, morals, profession, self management, your friends, neighborhood, tastes, stress level, the amount you exercise, your age, sexual activity, track record, and a lot of similar factors; the least of which are luck and your sense of well-being. When you reach sixty years old, you come to realize that you are the sum of all of these things, like it or not, but you can still change if you want. Your retirement years can be the very best time of your life; a time of self improvement and personal growth. You can make your golden years golden by reinventing yourself.

Can You Afford a College Education?

“If you want a good job go to college and get a degree.” This is what my parents told me and I am sure many have heard the same.

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