3 Powerful Techniques to Stop Procrastination [This Really Works!!]

Will You Do Your Personal BEST?

After, over four decades, of involvement, in enhancing the personal development, of others, to providing a variety of size, and purposes, in terms of programing/ presentation, etc, and consulting, I have come to realize, while, many, state they want to be their personal BEST, few seem to proceed, with a well – considered, plan, to achieve this objective. The reality is, it doesn’t just – happen, but, takes considerable effort, discipline, focus, commitment, and planning! With that in mind, and because, of how essential, striving to be so, is, to our overall health, well – being, and personal success (whatever that means…

8760 – We ALL Get 8760 Hours Per Year. How You Spend Your 8760 Is Up to You

My 8760 Regardless of your position in life. Regardless of your beliefs, race, or education. Regardless of lucky breaks or just plain bad luck, We ALL get 8760 hours per year.

Basic Human Needs – What You Can Do to Make Sure People Around the World Get Theirs

Each one of us is unique and unlike other individuals. We are shaped by our own life events and emotional roller coasters. As a result, we prioritize our needs differently which puts us first.

Turn Your Curse Into a Blessing

We all have a “curse” we struggle with for an extended period in our life: ill health, unlucky in love, addictions, poverty, conflict at work or in our family, bad timing, missed opportunities… This article explains how you can turn your curse into a blessing and live a happy life.

Why Self – CONTROL Helps You?

Do you, want to become, the best, you can, possibly, become? How might you handle, effectively, the obstacles, often, thrust, in your path, on a regular, consistent, productive basis? Will you become anxious, when you need to be calm, and/ or, impatient/ impulsive, when patience, may be, called – for?

Which Personal VALUES Might Change Your Life, For The Better?

Although, most of us, claim, we hope to change our lives, for the better, few proceed, proactively, and seem to prefer to blame others, and/ or, some outside forces, rather than assuming personal responsibility, and taking the necessary steps, to do so! It requires, being ready, willing, and able, to give ourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and thoroughly consider, our personal VALUES, and, whether, they are beneficial, detrimental, or, somewhere, in – between, A wise adage states, Whatever the mind of man, can perceive, and conceive of, he can achieve. Will you consider, these, introspectively, and realistically, so, you…

How Might You FIND Yourself?

Why does it seem, so few people, really, know themselves, and are willing to accept their personal strengths, as well as weaknesses? It takes dedication, and a desire for self – help, and personal development/ improvement, to take the time, and make a concerted effort, to give yourself, a comprehensive, check – up, from the neck – up, in order to, truly, discover, and FIND yourself, for better, and/ or, for worse! Some fear/ avoid doing so, because, they prefer (or believe, they do), to paint an unrealistically, rosy – picture!

Why Committing To SELF HELP, Makes You Better?

If you, aren’t ready, willing, and/ or, able, to help yourself, proactively, you will probably, never become, the best, you might become! Maximizing your potential must emphasize, committing, thoroughly, and immersing yourself, in making, SELF HELP, work, effectively, for, and on, you! However, there is no, quick, easy, way, to do so, unless/ until, you are ready, to commit, consistently, without, trying, to rush, or ignore the process, and/ or, necessity!

Do You Perceive Obstacles As Problems, Challenges, Or Both/ Neither?

Although, at some time, or another, nearly, everyone confronts certain obstacles (some, major, and some, less – so), how one handles these, and proceeds, in – response, often, differentiates, between, a satisfying experience, and one, which may become, problematic! When you face these, do you, immediately, perceive them, as a problem (which, in the longer – run, may be, somewhat, debilitating), or a challenge, to overcome? In, over four decades, of personal involvement, related to personal development, and self – help/ improvement, especially, making, perhaps, thousands of these types of seminars, and/ or, work – shops, I have observed, both…

How Growth Changes Us

Ever seen a new born baby? Have you observed their behaviors? Well if you have you will conclude that they seem helpless. The truth is that child doesn’t stay like that forever; as he/she grows it becomes obvious that they have changed either in size, beauty intelligence or Behavior.

How To Finally Take Charge Of Your Life Today

Do you know how to finally take charge of your life and get better results today? Don’t assume that once you figure out what to do with your life that others will support you and embrace your efforts. It won’t happen because others don’t really care about your plans and dreams. They only care about their better life, and if you are not helping them realize it, right now, they don’t care.

5 Actions To Take, To Become Your Personal Best!

Many of us, declare, they want to become their personal best, but, far – fewer, seem ready, willing, and/ or, able, to proactively, take the set of actions, needed, to achieve these lofty goals! Achieving this objective, means, taking personal responsibility for what you do, and/ or, fail to do, as well as how you behave, and, your personal priorities, perspectives, needs, goals, aspirations, and motivations/ inspirations. Far – too – often, individuals tend to avoid personal responsibility, blame others for whatever goes wrong (or, not, as you might hope for), and/ or, procrastinate, when proactive efforts, are indicated, etc!…

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