3 Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes You MUST AVOID! [Don’t Let This BLOCK Your Manifestation!!]

Courage Is Necessary

Just as how success is a process, courage is likewise. If you don’t have it, it will take some time to develop. So if you have a vision for your life you will need to have courage.

How to Be an Influential Personality at Work

Ten strategies to follow to be an influential personality at work. You don’t have to be an expert at everything in this world. However, you must at least not look dumbstruck about general topics.

Letting Go: Nature’s Wisdom

There are many lessons we can learn from nature. One of which is the process of growing from what we let go of.

Don’t Let Your Mind Stop You

We’re all guilty of thinking. We can’t help it. Our minds are hungry and the informational buffet line is ready. Is this a good thing? Can the runaway mental locomotive be stopped?

Master the Mundane

Everyone wants to succeed. We all want to have a better life. The problem isn’t desire. If it were, everyone would be successful and everyone would be an Outperformer. The problem isn’t being lazy, either. Most of us are working our tails off every day. Our “to do” lists are as long as our arm. We’re flying from one meeting to the next. We’re trying to keep up with an unending stream of email and social media notifications. We’re active all right, and the challenge isn’t finding more to do. The real challenge is doing those few things that matter most, and doing those mundane activities that are all too easy not to do. Outperformers learn to master the mundane.

Distraction Is Of The Devil

Distractions can wreak havoc when you are in need of accomplishing tasks. It seems the more we need to concentrate and focus, the more distracted we can become.

Your Vibrational Meter, Self Improvement Mindset

Having a lot of uncertainty about upcoming events in your life can sometimes slam on your brakes and bring you to a standstill. How do you handle these crises-es?

The Power of Human Assumption

Simple assumption that we make on people we meet on a daily basis can very much affect the rapport that we create with them in due course of time. In this fast moving world, where we tend to come across new people, perhaps at work or recreation, we need to be able to analyse how we bond with strangers and how we allow ourselves to get comfortable/ closer to people we do not know.

How To Bring Harmony Into Your Life

Letting go is forgiveness. A willingness not to hold onto the so-called injustice. Breathing deeply and seeing it for what it is and more importantly how it affects your well-being.

The Overlooked Overloaded Chakra

Most chakra healers talk about a chakra being “blocked” or “weak,” meaning that it has too little energy. But what do you do when your chakra is overloaded?

Four Reasons to Have a Social Life

Many people tend to hide from the company of people and instead going out to spend time out with people, socializing and instead, they prefer to stay at home or in the place where they would overload themselves with lonesome. People around their teenage years tend to hide from family life whenever the occasion occurs and instead, they would rather be left alone, apart from the company of people. But the case does not only apply on teenagers who usually get advised and treated in manners that they do not like, whether in a sense of making…

Dare to Unleash the Creative Power of Your Dreams in 2013

2013 is fast approaching, are you willing to unleash the creative power of your dreams and allow them to project the kind of life you want to lead. You will only get to unleash this amazing power, when you clearly define them as crystal clear, pictures in your mind, which are stronger than any obstacles, which you will encounter along your path to success. Your vivid dreams will help power your success and allow you to skip over any obstacles, which will cross your path.

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