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10 Tips To Prevent Or Minimize Procrastination

The definition of procrastination is, “To habitually put off doing something until a future time.” I am guilty of procrastinating sometimes. But I have gotten a lot better because of my huge desire to achieve the kind of success I want in life. I will be sharing some of the tips I learned to help me prevent or minimize procrastination. Do you procrastinate on things? Why do you feel you do it? Do you want to minimize it?

De-Clutter Your Life and Gain Perspective On What’s Really Important

De-cluttering your home and your business is not only important because it allows you to function better, be more efficient and saves you time and money, but it also makes other people feel better and makes them want to associate with you. By getting rid of clutter you open yourself up to more possibilities.

Choose Your Counsel Well – Beware of SNIOPS

The best way to create success is to copy it. From whom do you draw your information, inspiration and energy? Don’t be a person who is Susceptible to the Influences of Other People. Here are ten points to help you create the best YOU can be.

Mind-Body Philosophy – Part Four – Emotional Blocks!

Sometimes when we do energy work we bring up emotions and they can make us feel a little wobbly! This is normal, remember this is about balance! We have to clear those emotional blocks so that we may move forward!

My Suitcase Is Nearly Empty

In discovering the unlocking of The Secret I discovered I had to empty my suitcase. Unblocking belief patterns was key. Learning to empty in order to attract fullness.

How Do You Beat The Odds, Learn How To Love Yourself First

I have realized that the more we learn to love ourselves it helps to boost our self esteem. You learn to form a force field around your heart and emotions just enough to let others in, and to protect yourself from those who would design to harm you emotionally. Let’s say that job you’re vying for, or the business you are designing to start for yourself.

Different Ways to Get Along With People

Due to a difference in personality, opinion and what we always we stand for, most of the times we tend to meet people whom we often disagree most of the time if not all. It has not been easy as we try to find ways in which we can ensure that we solve these differences so that we can get along with such people easily rather than being in constant fights with them. In life their is a solution for everything, you can easily resolve some of this issues and get along just time.

Optimism In The Face Of Unexpected Challenges

Leaders that maintain their optimism always encourage followers to press forward towards the achievement of goals. They see challenges as opportunities for extraordinary advancement and want their followers to believe the same. They acknowledge the existence of the challenge as well as the existence of potential within themselves and their followers.

How to Communicate With People You Don’t Get Along With

Due to the differences in which God created us with, it’s easy not to claim that at least you have been able to meet different people whom you think you do not get along well. In fact if this is the time you are beginning to pursue your goals and aspirations, you stand a high chance of meeting more people whom you will always disagree. If you have met them am sure it is very hard for you to get along with them, but you do not need to worry, there are ways in which you can be…

People Pleaser – How to Look to the Love Within to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Instead of allowing your attention to be outside of yourself – looking to others to love you so you can feel better about yourself – look to the power within you and connect with it. You are more powerful than you think and you don’t have to be a people pleaser and rely on others to give to you what you already have inside. Here are 4 steps that will show you how to look to the love within and connect with it – inside this article.

Stains, Pains and the Rains!

There is a time in life when we need to let go of the past. Maybe there are some unpleasant things in the past. Maybe some of us have done wrong to others in the past and we do not want to deal with it.

The Reason Behind Every “Why”

Asking ourselves “why” certain events occur in our lives is a very common thing to do, nothing unusual about that. What’s unusual is the fact that our own lives can provide us with all the answers, which are often quite straightforward.

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