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Me? Out of Control?

Are you out of control? Do you have a difficult time controlling your emotions and moods? Is this something that is only part of adolescence?

Meditation Tips – Am I Doing It Wrong? 3 Common Distractions

When first starting out, meditation can feel a lot like listening to a radio station you can’t quite tune in. It can be just like a bunch of static on the radio. We wonder “How do I know if I’m doing it right?” And “Why do I keep getting distracted?”

Personal Growth and Relationships: Getting the Love You Want

This is an article about personal growth and relationships: You will learn how to get more of the love you want, while accepting more of the love you already have. “Love is Divine,” and so are we.

The Fall of the Golden Rule: Generosity and Nature

One of our greatest failings is our oppressive reluctance to think and act for the future. The problem is our persistent need to see an immediate and obvious reward for our actions. Yet the most important factor that determines our success is having the discipline to think and act for the future.

Having Staying Power – 3 Ways To Increase Your Faith

Have you ever had a dream or vision for your life, but as soon as times got hard you wanted to give up? If you have then now is the time for you to increase your faith. There are things that you can do everyday to increase your faith so that you do not have to miss out on the things you desire most.

We Can Afford to Forget Gandhi But Not His Message!

The preacher of non-violence, M K Gandhi is being forgotten in his own land, INDIA. Can we afford to do so? Can we forget him, and more importantly his teachings?

Live in the Moment!

I am not a good writer at all but I felt like writing this,hopefully I will convey what I intended to! I just wanna shed some light into the importance of “Live in the moment”.I believe that root cause of stress,strain and failure is the inability to live in the moment.

Trust and Patience

What if you believed that everything happened in its perfect timing? How would that change the circumstance you were dealing with? Or how would it affect the way you were feeling about “the thing that was happening”. Whether it be a flat tire, a canceled appointment, or an unexpected phone call, it is all in its perfect timing for all involved. However, in order to really believe this, we need Trust and Patience.

Everyone’s Doing the Best They Can

How can everyone be doing the best they can when you observe sub-par performance in someone from whom you expect more? That someone may be you or a person you work or live with. Perhaps you will be kinder to yourself and others after understanding the underlying neuroscience principles of performance excellence. These insights improve relationships by suspending judgment and raise the bar for other areas you want to improve.

Success Principle Of Applying Knowledge

Our success and achievements depends a lot on our KNOWLEDGE we acquire during our journey of life. The more KNOWLEDGE we acquire, the more we become wiser in all our personal, family and business dealings.

Life Is Grand, If You’re An Elephant

I recently spent a week in the African bush re-experiencing things that I’d almost forgotten about. Bush safari experiences are special for me as I’m transported into a different world. A world where man is insignificant and nature rules. This magic world, once again, showed me insights of which I’ll share a few with you.

It Pays to Follow the Yellow Brick Road

If you ever stop to wonder whether or not you’ll ever to get to the other side of the rainbow, just remember to follow the yellow brick road. Life has its challenges and we’re often thwarted by those around us. Don’t let this be the reason for not following your heart.

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