2022 Law of Attraction Morning Rituals to Start Today | This Will Change Your Life [21 Day Practice]

What Does Feminine Influence In The Workplace Look Like?

At the International Coach Federation Conference in Orlando, Florida, keynote speaker and best selling author Peter Block said, “Community is the structure of belonging.” Then he followed it with, “We need the feminine in the workplace.” What? I did a double take. I (and every woman reading this post) have known this for 30 years -it becomes ‘enlightening’ news because it is coming from Peter Block?

Lucid Dreaming: How Can I Learn to Dream With Awareness?

Lucid Dreaming, or creative dreaming, is the ultimate goal for many dreamers. Training yourself to become aware in yours dreams is a commitment worth the effort and is the equivalent of a climber’s Mount Everest. The ability to be aware in yours dreams allows the dreamer to experience conversations, sensations, landscapes, and visual images they are unable to experience anywhere else. The article will give you suggestions and techniques to begin your journal to dreaming in a way you never thought was possible.

Do Your Friends Make You Smarter

Admittedly, I am no expert on the ever-increasing popularity of the social phenomenon Twitter and Facebook have created. I do know that the more social connections you have – the better you are.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Somebody left these four words as a comment on Alanis Morissette’s Facebook page in response to our interview. I looked at the words for a minute then spelled out the acronym: F.E.A.R. Oh, yes. Yes yes yes. Fear is certainly False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s often extraordinary how much fear distorts our perception of reality.

Self Help, Self Reflection Through Awareness and Meditative Introspection

This article contains the starting tool information for self help through self reflection, awareness and meditative enlightenment. It all begins with your self analysis of where your are mentally. Take this information, use it, record it and start down the path of awakening and self improvement.

Are You A Carrot, Egg Or Coffee Bean?

This story really touched me… actually it harpooned me. We all deal with some adversity. Maybe yours is health, or the failing health of a loved one. Or are you in so much debt you wake up having a panic attack wondering if you’ll lose your home? Or did you just experience a painful divorce and are now dealing with how to start over and get your life back?

Practical Steps to Making Resolutions That Will Improve Your Life

This is the time of year that we want to start over, make new resolutions to improve our lives, or make new beginnings in areas of our lives where we have fallen short before. Taking a few practical steps may help make those resolutions stick so we can live the life that we really want.

Do You Listen to Your Children?

Developing our listening skills will have obvious benefits to our children and to our relationship with them. It will help you understand what is really going on with them and have a better understanding of their real feelings. Our relationship with them can deepen as they realise that we are willing, and able, to listen to them as they talk about any subject that interests or concerns them. In this article you discover more about Listening to Children.

Change Your Life Your Own Way

You are going to have to accept that you are constantly changing. Everyday you are growing, evolving, becoming, maturing, morphing, developing and CHANGING! You will also have to accept the bitter fact that not everyone likes it.

Advantage in Taking the High Road

I had the choice coming and going each day to take the high road or the low road. Our points of extremity provide the teachable moments for God to get our attention. The question follows—are we listening and tuned to His way versus our way. Is it my way or His high way? To live is to die to self. Nailing self to the cross daily is where we experience His resurrection power for living the life He intended.

Change Your Life – Coming Out of Your Spiritual Comfort Zone to Manifest Your Desires

We may hold on to spiritual beliefs that hinder us from growing spiritually and from manifesting our desires and as a result our foundation may become shaken in times of adversity. This happens when what we believe creates a false sense of security around us. Then we go through traumatic experiences which either cause us to go deeper spiritually or turn our backs entirely on God.

A New Years Resolution To Improve Your Financial Situation With Personal Development And Education

In order to grow financially we must continue to grow personally. As we come into the New Year, what necessary changes will you need to make in order to achieve your goals?

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