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ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and Self Doubt

We are all infected with these ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that feed on our good feelings and Joy. We are not born this way. We take on these ANTS from those around us. And the affect everything we think and do. Often, they are the ones in charge of our life decisions.

Huna Ho’Oponopono to Heal and Clear Problems

Ho’oponopono is a Huna process that brings balance or harmony to your life. It is a beautiful process of clearing and forgiving the memories and energies you hold within you to create well-being in your inner and outer worlds. Explore the basic elements of healing and how ho’oponopono can help you release the problems in your life.

It Is What It Is: The Art of Letting Go

My husband is not typically a guy who shows his emotions readily, but when I recently used the phrase “it is what it is” to describe a situation he spoke up – loud and clear. “I hate that phrase”, he said. “Too often it is used by people who are too lazy to know what it is and turn it into what it should be.”

How People Think

Do you wonder how people think? Can we truly know how compatible our mental operating systems are? Stories offer insights into just how differently we think.

Learn to Spot the Female Manipulator

My mom used to buy a new dress, hang it in the closet for 3 weeks. Wear it. And when dad asked, “Is that a new dress?” she replied, “No, I’ve had it for awhile” winking at me. Of course, this was the extent of my mother’s manipulation of dad. She really didn’t need his permission to purchase what she wanted. Yes, women can be manipulative. We use manipulation as a tool to get ahead, get what we need, to be heard and to persuade. Manipulation is used when other tools are not available to us. The manipulative woman can be your sister, your friend, your mother, your daughter or your mother-in-law.

Inner Voice, Inner Psychic, Intuition and Everything In Between

There’s a lot of talk nowadays on the ability to receive guidance from our intuition, our inner voice and some even call it our inner psychic. So how is one to discern what these all mean and which one would be best for their business? My personal conviction is that you were born and equipped with all that you need, from birth, to become all that you were designed to be. Your job is to live a life of love, forgiveness and good will so that achieving a life of good fortune comes naturally!

Stay In The Rut and Have Self-Discipline

The expression “being in a rut” I have found is having self-discipline. Now this is my interpretation; so you can see I have a positive perspective on whatever I am doing. I look at, what’s in it for me?

Nature or Nurture

Have you ever asked yourself these questions; am I the way I am because I was born that way, or am I the product of my upbringing and the society I was raised in? Am I tall because my parents are? Am I intelligent because my parents are? Am I a sadist because it runs in the family? Scientists have been able to give answers to some of these questions through the study of genetics. But some of these questions still need to be asked again. Science has proven that features like a person’s blood group can only be genetically determined and not affected by the environment. Yet, skin color, height, can be both environmentally and genetically determined. For example, someone not well fed while growing might not attain his full potential height.

Solve Problems, Remove Blocks and Gain Insight In Your Dreams

There are many reasons to unravel the mysteries embedded in your dreams. Using very graphic symbols, the dream can help you solve problems that arise during the waking hours, show you how to remove a fearful personal blocks, and provide insight into a puzzling relationship. Dreams can also reveal cherished hopes and use the dream images to show you the steps that can be taken to actualize your secret desires like writing a novel or appearing on a television show.

How Watching Subliminal Videos Daily Can Transform Your Life

Subliminal videos are now widely available over the Internet. If you want to experience positive change in your life and find the satisfaction you’ve always wanted, all you need is a regular dose of these subliminal messages videos. These videos work in so simple a way that you will hardly believe it. Just by watching them for a few minutes every day, you can invite such transformative power in your life. The most amazing thing is that your conscious mind won’t even be able to perceive the messages that the videos are sending you.

When I Fall, I Shall Arise

When we fall, we have to get up again and be encouraged that God is on our side and that we are more than conquerors through Jesus. We are encouraged in the fact that God is a good God, He is our stronghold and he knows us because we trust Him. We can go to the throne of grace and get what we need. We will always get up when we stumble, because we choose to set our focus toward our destiny.

Do You Know Your Own Limitations?

Feeling invincible is a common trait for most teenagers, but hopefully by the time they’ve started their first job, the feeling has begun to wane. Realizing one’s lack of invincibility is a growing up process. And yet, we know that many people never grow up!

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