2022 Goals: New Year Plan With Me 🎊

Understanding Living in the Now

Have you ever considered that it is always Now? It may seem obvious, but certainly people do not tend to live from that understanding. Most individuals think and live in terms of linear time – past, present, future. But if it is always Now, what is the past and future?

Escaping the Noise of Everyday Life

We live in a world of so much noise that people no longer remember what true silence is. In fact, many of our younger generation have never even experienced silence. Why is that? Let us look at the circumstances in which we currently live, for that answer.

Fear of Ill Health

The fear of ill health is closely related to the fear of poverty and old age, but we are taught to believe that all three of these are related to one another. Just look over the advertisements you see in magazines, on TV and in newspapers. If you are poverty stricken you also are of ill health; if you’re “old” you are also prone to ill health; if you have ill health you are most likely poverty stricken and suffering of old age, or so the advertisements keep showing. A great deal of your health is derived by the state of your mind, your beliefs and to the extent you keep in shape. I laugh at the people that say they know people that smoked all their lives and lived to be 100, or the person they knew that worked out all the time and died at 40. They use these examples to justify their laziness and their poor eating habits. I don’t waste my time with these people and let them commit slow suicide; it is MY health that I’m concerned with not theirs.

Chakra Number One – Root Chakra – Muladhara

The journey of healing your through our Chakras, starts with the root Chakra, called the Muladhara. Here we will discuss the effect it has on our life, what happens when this chakra is blocked? What happens when it is in balance?

Another Great Technique to Change Your Life, Beginning Now Using Mental Imagery

At the beginning of the year you resolve to overcome a tendency to let week after week and month after month go by without joining a gym and making exercise an essential part of your life. Your health is suffering and you’re getting older. This year will be different, you say to yourself, even to the point of knocking your head with your hand and calling yourself names, as you reflect that you made the same resolution last year. OK. For a start you’re making it obvious that you’re angry at yourself for not caring more for your health and that you are becoming weak as a puppy. You wince as you flex your flabby muscles. Or the unhappiness could be caused because you have wanted to study landscaping or cooking or something else. So what can you do?

Sexy Skirt, Sexy Clothes, Cars and Phones – The Obsession With Sex

We all have heard the expression that sex sells. Yes, it’s a cliche it’s very much a true statement. If you want to get some attention, wear something that draws attention, show a little or much cleavage.

What Is Love?

I have to admit that my heart is not into writing today for my best friend, my dog Taz, is lying next to me in pain. It doesn’t seem as bad as it did yesterday, but he still suffers and I with him. I try to keep my focus on the positive most of the time but days like this really challenge me to maintain that mental state. I have been praying and thinking healthy thoughts and healing thoughts all day long. Because I didn’t feel like writing I thought I’d write something that would mean something to me and him and my wife. What is love? It’s a word people love to through around, see I just did it myself without thinking. Love means many things to many people. You love a friend, a child, a pet, a spouse or someone very close. You love as friends, as lovers, as a parent or child, you love events or hobbies.

Where Do YOU Think Greatness Begins?

We all want to be good at something if not GREAT at something, but where does that greatness begin? To quote Russell Conwell form “Acres of Diamonds”: Greatness consists not in the holding of some future office, but really consists in doing great deeds with little means and the accomplishment of vast purposes from the private ranks of life. To be great at all one must be great here, now, where you live. He who can give to where they live, better streets and better sidewalks, better schools and more colleges, more happiness and more civilization, more of God, he will be great anywhere. Let every man or woman here remember this, that if you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are and what you are now. He that can give to his city any blessing, he who can be a good citizen while he lives here, he that can make better homes, he that can be a blessing whether he works in the shop or sits behind the counter or keeps house, whatever be his life, he who would be great anywhere must first be great in his own town.

Fear of the Loss of Love

To get an idea of what this fear does to you and those around you put yourself in their position. Pretend they do the same thing to you that you do to them. I use to be extremely jealous until I got a taste of it myself. A past relationship use to ask me all the time who I was talking to, why I was helping this woman and talking to them; it was part of my job but this woman didn’t want to hear the truth. At every turn I was accused of talking to another woman, spending time with other women, running around with other woman; when not of it was true. I did talk to other women but it was always job related. It was then that I realized how pathetic I use to act and how pointless and unfounded my reactions were. I realized that it was ME that had the problem and not them. I realized that if I had to worry about the other person like that then I should be with that person. I realized that I was the one I had to make happy.

Where in Blazes Is Your Precious Mind Power When Stinking Flood Waters Rise?

Many people have asked me, during my lectures, for help in understanding how Mind Power operates when something as serious as a tsunami or an earthquake or a flood occurs, as happened in Indonesia, America and just recently Queensland. If you’re wondering the same thing, this article may help you comprehend the injustice and keep your own personal vision bright, clear and life-centered.

Will You Take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

This is the question of life. This all has to do with which path you will take in life.

Fear of Old Age

Many people fear old age for a number of reasons but I believe they all boil down to one major reason, helplessness. People fear they will be in poverty when they grow old, which is a form of helplessness. People fear they will suffer from ill health, which can result in helplessness. Others of religious beliefs fear they are going to leave this world only to end up in a place worse because of the way they lived their lives; this also is a form of helplessness. It is never too late to turn any reasons for the fear of old age around. My grandfather is 97 years old and very active, last summer he painted his two-story house and worked on shingles on the roof. This should be motivation for anyone but believe it or not it is a source of jealousy for a few. They complain that this 97 year old man makes them look bad (they are in their 60s and 70s). I was surprised by this at first until I realized that it is probably a result of the fear they have of growing old.

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