2021 Goals: Plan With Me for the New Year

You Can Change Your Life – Live The Life You Want By Understanding The Power Of Reflection

Let’s consider the idea of change your habits to change your life by using the law attraction is to accelerate manifesting the life we want. Effort and disappointment requires lots of negative wrong-minded energy, the Course in Miracles teaches through it spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons. So what is the secret to aligning with the law of attraction to change your habits to change your life and manifest quicker outcomes? Well there are numerous secrets really. The first secret to change your habits to change your life is to have a deep understanding of the law of attraction and how it can help you to manifest results that develop powerful effects.

How To Live The Life You Want By Being Aligned To The Power Of Attraction

Ever say to yourself that I need help with my life when trying to chase down what you want in life? Or ever think, I know what I want in life, but I’m having a difficult time achieving my dreams. If there is a secret in the universe that can bring you what you want in life, it might be the universal law called the power of attraction. This can bring you joy, wealth, and physical wellness. You just have to know ways to apply the power of attraction and align yourself with it.

10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

We all go through things from time to time. Being an adult can be synonymous with being overwhelmed, tired, and worn out. We go through breakups, problems at work, financial hardships, familial problems, and yet we can’t just throw the towel and yell “I give UP!” It is important to be able to pull yourself out of life’s lowest lows. When life brings you down (cliche, I know), here are a few things you can do to make yourself smile (it’s your medicine, prescribed by me).

How Can You Tell If You Are Going Through A Consciousness Shift?

We hear all about this Consciousness Shift that’s happening, but how can you tell if it’s happening to you? People like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie had very marked transformations.

How To Escape When You’re Feeling Helplessly Stuck And Depressed

Harboring the feeling of being trapped and unable to sleep that night, tossing and turning while the obvious was flooding my mind, I looked over to the bedside table to see the red, lighted numbers on the clock: 2 AM. I got out of bed, wandered to the French doors that went out onto the deck, and glanced down the slope in the backyard to the quiet lake. The full moon glistened and glowed over the calm, glasslike water, and soothed the feeling of being trapped. A moon like this always sent peace through me and showed me how to escape when feeling helpless.

Letting Go Of Self-Limiting Beliefs – Things Will Be Okay

Self-limiting beliefs are the untruths many of us use to give us direction in life. Until you begin changing core beliefs, finding happiness and being successful certainly will be limited. But belief may release you from self-imprisonment, like the belief from the heart you are protected by your true free will. It’s the plan of the Universe!

How To Enjoy Peace Of Mind And Get Over Depression And Anxiety

Undoubtedly, the person on the other side of the door is angry and wants to some have peace of mind and quiet. This kind of way to find peace of mind is superficial, one that is obvious and unreal. There’s another way to have peace of mind the majority of people aspire for. It’s a calm conscious mind. Some individuals have a relaxed conscious mind when they are asleep. Maybe this is possible just when they are physically tired, and the urge to sleep is stronger than the need to have comfort. Being disturbed and angry and unable to have peace of mind will keep you awake night after night. The longer this persists, the more comprehensive the damages will end up being.

Time for a Gut Check

So with all the craziness going on in the world including the Trump rhetoric and all of the racism and bigotry in the world – How do you continue ‘living’ – do you know where you stand? Are you perpetuating these fears as well? Because that’s simply what they are – Fears feeding and promoting more fear. It’s time we all do a gut check – where are we? What are we a part of or contributing towards?

What Questions Are You Asking Yourself? Are Your Questions Present? Pleasant? Possibility?

A part of your brain has signaled there’s a threat around (threat of feeling unaccepted/unapproved) and the more you stay in your head, the more your memory system begins to kick in and dig up similar but not same situations and with it comes the uncomfortable, defeated feelings. So, you begin questioning yourself and making up stories in “your head.”

Manipulate – Do You Unwittingly Do This?

Do you ever take some one for granted? They will do what you want – so no worries. You may feel okay about this but there may be signs of discontent from the other person – whether this is your spouse or child at home or colleague or subordinate at work. You suspect they may not be quite as happy and friendly as you would like to believe. One possible reason for this state of affairs might be that, without being conscious of this, you have a tendency to manipulate them into doing or thinking what you want: getting them to comply with your desires. There need be no bad intent but nevertheless others can notice in our behaviour what we ourselves are blind to.

Virtue – Is It Achievable?

The idea of virtue can feel a little scary. Surely no-one can be such a worthy human being as to do no wrong, show courage at all times, and be full of generosity and kindness with everybody? To do good all the time doesn’t feel like the real me. I suspect few people feel they are born like this and I certainly don’t. And what is virtue anyway? Do we have to be so extremely good in order to show virtue? Is this not an excessive expectation?

How To Overcome Self Doubt

It is evident that learning how to overcome self-doubt and fear is one of the hardest challenges we may encounter in life. Just how good is our performance depends a lot on how much confidence we have in ourselves because insecurity is an unusual kind of inner torture that can sneak easily in.

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