20 Minute Meditation for Peace & Calm

Can Improving My Mental and Physical Health Help Personal Growth?

Unfortunately for many people, taking care of yourself is last on your mind in the midst of all the daily responsibilities of live. All this running around is not good for your mental or physical health. You may have noticed when you get sick it seems to take longer to get well once again. This is because if you are not taking care of yourself like you should which does not help your personal growth.

Energy Body Awareness Delivers Life Changing Benefits

The topic of vibrations and our human energy body frequency has now become a very empowering subject to dive into. I have found the results of using this information to be life changing, not only within my own life but also in the life of many other people. The word vibrations is popping up everywhere!

Challenges In Finding Your Perfect Balance Between Medicine And Life

One of the things that the majority of doctors find most challenging about balancing medical work with the rest of life they desire, or even their need to please everyone; they want to be perfect; they find it very difficult to say no. Do these things affect you?

Doctor, Have A More Balanced Life

You have to take a step back, once in a while and examine your life from the perspective of you as an outsider viewing your life. What do you see? Can you recognise your own needs as well as those of others, outside your work environment?

The Big Five – Personality Traits According to Psychology

Personality is not just what we see and what we think it is. More than just a single aspect that other people see in the tendencies of an individual’s behavior, psychology shows that it is a mix of five different characteristics that become apparent the person’s physical, relational, and professional life. We see it in a person’s motivations, decisions, principles, and sometimes even in spiritual preferences.

Finding Peace Without Struggle

To obtain peace one must first find the path that leads us to ourselves. By finding one’s self, one’s true self, we open ourselves up to the possibility of existing without fear, worry, struggle, or blockages in our lives. To be free of withholding ourselves and to exist with nothing in the way, that is peace and all its possibilities that it brings.

Tips for Personality Development

There are many things to talk about when it comes to the matter of “personality.” It refers to the characteristics that define who we are in the eyes of others. How we interact with the outside world and how we view what is around us depends on personality.

Why Life Skills Are So Important

You live in a social environment and need to be able to interact with other people as well as be able to cope with life’s challenges. So there are some very important basic life skills which enable you to be able to do these things, otherwise you would find it difficult to cope in today’s society.

Authenticity: Live Like the Dreams You Have Are Real

I am writing this morning from rainy East London South Africa; a city that sprawls along the shoreline of the Indian Ocean. The dense, vibrant vegetation blanketing the rolling coastal hills, the vast, refreshing waterways that cross their way to the roaring sea, present the city in a beautiful light. Sadly, a quick look beyond the vast splendor, unveils a city littered with neglect, a lack of intention and overall disregard. It seems to me that this city has surrendered its dream and settled, instead, for complacency.

Nurturing Your Inner Child

Congratulations! You’ve rescued your Inner Child from the hurts and traumas of the past (or are in the process of doing so) and have made them a promise to take care of them. Now what?!? Don’t panic – your Child mostly needs to be reassured that they are safe and that you love him/her and will be there for him/her when s/he needs you. Here are some simple ways to nurture your Little One.

Money Mistakes

Financial freedom is important in humanity; with so many issues to deal with in life being financially secure is very important in overcoming many of the challenges we face. There are a few factors that we get wrong and cost us the freedom that we should get easily.

Living in Your Adult

Your Adult Self is that part of you that can remain objective about you and the world around you – it is the part of you which is the most self-aware. As such, the Adult Self is the only part of you that is capable of identifying what behaviors, beliefs and strategies are not working for you and developing a plan of personal growth and development to change your life. Read on for six steps to help you spend your time living in your Adult.

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