16th of April FULL MOON | This is a Life Changing Month [GET READY!!]

Loneliness – The Struggle With Feeling Isolated

The cycles of life can bring on many tremendous areas of stress into our lives. How do we know if we are living in a life style of isolation? When do we realize that we are struggling with the inner self shutting down the reason we are here to live every precious moment in love, peace, and harmony? Why do we stop the process of life to begin with?

Purpose – Fulfill It

Many people contact me to have a hypnosis session to discover their purpose in life. We have become conditioned to believe that only those things that are a big ‘Wow’ with media hype included have any merit. Thus, many people think their purpose is a ‘big’ mystery, something that is deeply hidden in the recesses of their mind. This article discusses how to discover and fulfill your purpose in life.

What is Life, Really, What is It?

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Or is it?

Renewable Energy – How Clean is Yours?

Clean energy is in vogue now – industrial energy that is. But what about your personal energy, how clean is it and how important is it for you to generate clean personal energy?

Can You Stay Calm in Times of Chaos?

There is usually a reason why chaos begins a new cycle in our lives. Sometimes we have too much happening in our lives all at once. The reason is usually our fears start to surface in the mental, emotional, and spiritual state at the present moment. Life is teaching us to stop for a moment and look at the inner turmoil that has seeped into our lives. This is called a Major Life Crisis and we are suppose to stand still for a moment and see what needs to healed and let go of the things that are old and not working for us anymore.

Why We Should Not Fear Death?

We as human beings in today’s world really don’t look at the topic of “why we should not fear death”? There are so many unexplained questions we have with “fear itself”. Most of the time we are always living with “fear of the unknown” daily.

How to Use the Power of Consistency to Your Best Advantage

A step in the wrong direction means that you are two steps further from your goal than if you had taken the same step in the right direction. In other words, if you stepped left instead of right towards your goal, you would be two steps further from where you might have been. How to make that work in your favour and get a double bonus.

Law of Attraction – You Reap What You Sow in Life and in Business

The Law of Attraction is based on ancient Biblical principles. A basic premise is that the Universe is abundant and there for the taking. All we have to do is to align with the positive energy in the Universe and the bounty will be ours. That is easier said than done. The foundational belief of the Law of Attraction is simple.

The Emotional Cycle of Growth – The 7 Stages

There is an emotional cycle that a person goes through when growing. There are seven stages of this cycle and when a person learns to recognize the cycle and move through the stages quickly, he/she will position themselves for success.

How to Create Your Own Manifesto – Honoring the Messages From Your Soul

What does your soul long for? Here we are at the end of a series about honoring the longings of your soul. It began with my own intuitive experience. I had just done an intuitive reading and was reflecting on its message, trying to get clear on what it would mean for me, when out of the blue, a whole blueprint formed in my mind.

How to Create Your Own Manifesto – Nurturing Your Connection With Nature

This article is part of a series about those messages from the soul that can come to you in quiet moments, sometimes unbidden, about what is most important for you right now. I had just such a moment recently and am sharing the insights I got for myself in the hope that they either will resonate with you or will spark some of ideas of your own about the messages your heart and soul have been whispering to you.

Singing My Way to My Stolen Car – A Prospective Dream

This article discusses a “prospective” dream, or a dream that makes suggestions and seems future-oriented. The dreamer finds herself in a bind because she wants to get somewhere and her car has been stolen, but the dream offers some resolutions.

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