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Worry and Fear – Feeding The Ego, Holding You Back!

It is interesting to me the lengths we go to support our identity; I AM ARNA and the things I worry about are- my finances, my health, my children, my relationship, my world etc. Lots of ‘My’s’ and ‘I’s’ in that sentence. More than enough worries to keep me cloudy and out of the loop! Allowing myself to release my attachment to the future and of non-existence, stands me in much better stead to EXIST in a substantial way with true compassion and a YUMMY DOSE OF INTEGRITY!

Time for a Spring Cleaning of Limiting Beliefs

It is time to do some Spring Cleaning of our limiting beliefs. Yes! Spring Cleaning! We clean our houses out… why not clean up our minds a bit too and shift the beliefs that hold us back?

Take Control of Your Life – Learn How to Break Bad Habits

Let’s recognize that habits are response patterns to situations. If you are a smoker, you reach for a cigarette when the coffee is served, but not during the soup. You don’t smoke or even want to in church, in the theater, in a courtroom, or in other places where no one usually smokes. Given the right circumstances you will light up. In order to break habits, then, you must recognize that you must deal with the source of satisfaction – that is, you must want to change your ways and give up the real or imagined benefits; you must be aware of what you are doing, and, you must take in account the situation that had become associated with the habit.

Elevate Your Thinking: Elevate Your Life

Do you want to be in high demand? Do you want to be the employee or the boss? Want to know what is keeping you from living the life you want?

What Defines A True Man?

Most men believe in turning a weakness into strength. They call themselves macho because they have a weakness when it comes to women. When men are discussing women issues among themselves, they tend to show off their “skills” with women and can even go on giving the gory details of their escapades of unfaithfulness.

Are You Investing in Yourself?

If you have ever worked in an office or business environment for any length of time, you know that there are almost always certain types of people. One type in particular is the entitled. These are the people who make no attempt to further their training or development. They don’t take any classes, they don’t learn new skills (unless they are forced to by some change in the system)…

Your Inner World: The Secret to Ongoing Growth and Success (Your Inner World, Part 1)

Human beings are highly complex creatures. We are constantly processing massive amounts of sensory input, developing perceptions, creating memories, and juggling rapidly-firing thoughts with ever-shifting emotions – all while somehow managing to keep our bodies upright and moving with some degree of coordination!

Access Unlimited Potential by Shifting From the Mind Consciousness to Heart Centered Consciousness

Want to learn how to access your unlimited potential? There is a difference between the consciousness of the heart and the consciousness of the brain. By bringing harmony between both we gain access to our unlimited potential, instantly.

Personal Productivity Secrets Part Three

In the previous two articles we talked about doing a quick time assessment and then reviewing the results. We learned about how we spend our time, the activities we engage in, and we learned a few things about ourselves particularly our habits. Our daily habits are the prime indicator of whether or not we will be successful in our endeavors.

Positive Affirmations Work For Anxiety ONLY If You Do Them Right

There seems to be a steady stream of claims that using Positive Affirmations will help individuals dealing with their anxiety. Just change your thoughts from negative to positive and that will take care of your anxiety? On the surface that seems to have validity. But there is a problem with that assumption that lies below the surface.

The Importance of Living Stress Free

We all know that stress can make us physically ill. I read recently that seventy-five percent of all doctor visits are the result of stress. What is stress doing to you? Our culture has evolved in such a way that we are exposed to stressors constantly. Stressors are everywhere so what can we do about it? One of the most important things is to manage our reactions and attitude toward stress. Why should we do that and more importantly, how can we do that is the topic of this article.

Your Thoughts Have Power

Our minds and thoughts can work for us or against us. This article is about the power of your mind and how to programme it for positivity.

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