12 Healthy Habits for Your Body, Mind, Soul 🌱

Things Don’t Make People Better

People are all the same, but for some unknown reason, always try to find ways to separate from one another. People are highly adaptable to their habitat and particular experiences, in which make us who we are, but has absolutely nothing to do with the things we own.

A Path to the Self – Three Ways to Gain Self-Knowledge

As you gain self-knowledge, you recognize your divine nature and life’s deeper purpose. You transform yourself and your world.

Create Value for Your Youth Age

A man’s youthful days are the critical bridge between childhood and old age. It is the right period of our lives that we have both the physical and mental strength and are daring, having hearts that are filled with visions of the future. Many have regrets today at their old age as a result of the decisions they took and the choices they made when they were young, energetic, vibrant and strong.

This Formula Is Worth Trying For Increasing Your Productivity

Winston Churchill was notorious not only for his acidic remarks and comments but for his embarrassingly high insistence on having a nap every afternoon. In fact, he had been emphatically asserting that his afternoon naps had been responsible for his high productivity. Even health experts corroborate with the fact that napping can be immensely useful in enhancing our productivity. Power naps can refresh our mind and rejuvenate our energy. A number of creative people also insist that napping brings the best out of them. Read on to know how napping can improve your productivity.

Own Your Time

Do you plan your workday in advance and write it down on a schedule? Have you included family time in your schedule? Do you own your time or does it own you?

Who Are We Serving?

We help our clients address mood disorders, relationships, boundaries, substance abuse, anger, anxiety and more, much more. We help them get past the obstacles between them and their goals. We help them align with their truest self. All of it is aimed at supporting them in living a better life. Given that, I think it’s beneficial to pause and consider WHO we are helping.

Surviving Old Age – Gracefully

The challenge now is to survive old age gracefully. I am sure if you are reading this you desire for an active and interesting retirement is important to you. You definitely want to avoid the fate of so many older retirees you are wheel chair bound or those who spend their days cooped up in the homes watching reruns of old TV shows and munching on chips.

Why Is That Lethal Time Bandit, Procrastination, So Seductive?

Procrastination is a serious problem and skills must be learned to tackle this disabling issue most of us experience to some degree. It takes time and practice to train your subconscious mind to eliminate it. Procrastination eats away at your time, makes you feel inefficient, causes you to lack confidence, and failing at achievement. Procrastination elimination and control skills can be mastered so you can control your productivity.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “Why Are Things Conspiring to Hold Me Back?”

What is truly holding us back is our own limiting beliefs. But to address this we must first clarify our value base. For growth can only occur if there is congruence between or values and our new decisions based on our new beliefs.

3 Ways to Handle Negative Criticism

It hurts when people don’t approve of us. Find here, three ways to handle the negative emotions that go along with negative criticism.

How to Establish a Prayer Life

If we allow our mind to fall into a distracted state, which is probably most of us given our media-driven, noisy world, we have to intentionally set up a regular time and quiet place which is conducive to listening to God. In other words, we have to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our lives and focus on God and what we need to tell Him. In this article, I will examine some additional ways to ensure that we develop a strong prayer life with God who is our ultimate comforter and protector.

How to Wholeheartedly Say Our Prayers

The lack of prayer life is a disturbing trend in churches. Our faith has become so washed out and cold that we don’t even try to pray. A first step to developing a prayer life is to strive to mindfully say our prayers during mass. When the priest leads us in prayer, we have to do the praying. In other words, we have to do the action, and wholeheartedly connect with God. This requires our wholehearted attention. This lack of conscious attention can lead to spiritual emptiness over time. In this article, I outline a few ways to ensure that we start genuinely conversing with God before and during mass.

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