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Are You Looking After Yourself or Are You Waiting?

Another long weekend has come and gone and I’ve had the same phone call with a number of private Coaching Clients over the last few days. They have all said roughly the same thing… they didn’t think they took the greatest advantage of their holiday and they wondered how they could have utilised their holidays better. I know one thing from working for years with many people all over the world – if there are a few people saying something then there are many people thinking the same way.

Summertime in the Year of the Dragon in 2012

Nature is Queen and rules our life’s cycles whether we are aware of it or not, and with summer upon us, she is kicking up the heat. While it is apparent that summer brings a rush of activities, a flurry of family/friends in various gatherings such as reunions, trips to the water, weddings as well as late lazy days and days that start summer, summer has a very specific and often hidden agenda that sets a new shift (direction in our lives).

The Noble Virtue Of Forgiveness

A moving story is used to illustrate the potency and nobility of that greatest of human virtues, forgiveness. The author profers ways in which one could become a more forgiving person, ending on the sublime note that forgiveness is the greatest gift one can offer oneself.

How To Be A Gentleman

This a short thesis on what constitutes proper and cultured conduct in a world in dire need of cultivated people. After a story that depicts selflessness in human interaction, the author gives a concise description of how a perfect gentleman should act at all times. He concludes by proposing a Gentleman’s Creed.

Did You Choose To Be Here, On This Planet, In This Moment, Reading This?

How many gurus do you know? How many spiritual or self help type books have you read? How many CD or DVD sets have you invested in or checked out from the local library, hoping they held some kind of ‘answer’ to your cherished questions? Did you get the answers or are you still seeking, still stuck? There is a simple way. And it’s free!

Self Improvement: Crucial Information When Climbing Your Success Mountain

Becoming successful takes change. You need to change the way you think and act to be aligned with who you need to be to create the success you want. Then make these new thoughts and actions a habit.

Who Else Is Controlling You?

People can often feel constrained by the words, feelings or thoughts, (actual or imagined) coming from other people. This article contains a few key ideas for starting to get out of that trap.

Do You Run Out Of Energy?

Do you run out of energy? Does it feel like you’re slowing down? Even though you’re doing your Affirmations each day you feel tired and jaded? There is an answer to this problem and it is connected with the Gestalt Theory and also our comfort zones.

How Is Your Mini-Me? Part 3 of 3

We have already covered the first step of ‘noticing’ Mini-Me in the previous articles. However, to recap, by ‘noticing’ the negative feelings, and how and when they surface, a person can become aware of their Mini-Me and hence their Adult self. Once the Adult can identify Mini-Me, and what he or she feels, the Adult can then proceed to engage with Mini-Me. The next step is to ‘acknowledge’ whatever Mini-Me is feeling. Whenever Mini-Me feels a negative feeling, or feels ‘young’ or ‘little’ around certain people or circumstances, it is important to ask Mini-Me what he or she is feeling. This needs to be spoken or written as if communicating to a real child, the feeling then needs to be reflected back to Mini-Me, for example ‘So you are feeling scared?’

Diversify Your Passions

Over the past 3 years, my mother has been talking about how excited she is to retire. Like many of us, she was in a job, working way too much, feeling under-appreciated and overworked. However, I have to say, she was incredible with her work.

The Most Profound Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

Late last year I had an astro dharma reading with Hunter Reynolds. Hunter is an astrologer and a good friend suggested I do this. Before you close your browser and think I’m off the deep end, just keep reading.

Self Improvement: Focus On Improving Yourself Will Be Life Changing

This article is about taking responsibility for your situation, learn more about your self and gradually improve your life. With time and through persistence you will gradually improve your life.

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