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Boundaries: Do You Know Where You End and Someone Else Begins?

Do you know where you end and someone else begins? Many times our boundaries are permeable and other people’s stuff (e.g., personality, values, beliefs, baggage) can come in and define who we are. Conversely, our stuff can move into their space and define who they are. When you think of boundaries, think of the expression “Good fences make good neighbors.”

What I Got Right Early In My Career, And What I Didn’t

Some concrete takeaways at what I got right early in my career and what I didn’t. Tips for millennials in the work force.

Is Your Attraction Marketing Tactful?

Often, people just think that using the law of attraction means just believing in what you desire and it will happen. Really, how many pageant hopefuls wish for world peace? How often do you find yourself salivating over some cool toy or gadget that just isn’t in the budget? You probably wish to no end that it was yours, but until you raise the capital and go out and buy it, it will never be yours.

Practical Exercises To Build Your Self Esteem

Self esteem is what you need to stand up, say what you want to say in the right words and sit down. It makes you feel you have an opinion worth sharing. It is what you need to make an impactful speech without fear. You need it to introduce yourself to an interview panel without biting your lips. It can help you get that job. No one starts a company to work with people who don’t think much about themselves. You also come across as a self confident person in everyday living when you have high self-esteem.

15 Ways to Love Your Self More

Most of us could use a little more Self Love; loving who you are brings more acceptance and love from others into your life and its also a beautiful gift that we can give ourselves with just tiny little actions. This post isn’t about typical acts of Self Love, I want to go a little deeper into what Self Love is and how to create a loving environment for your Self and others.

Learning to Smile at Strangers, Again

As I sit chilling in a cafe, my eyes are drawn to watching a young family. Husband and wife with baby of around six months old, and I can’t take my eyes off this womb tugger! As I watch her, I notice she has the face of a young girl, as in, you kind of know what she’ll look like when she is in her twenties.

Negative Space: How Well Are You Using It?

What is negative space? If you are conversant in the New Age lingo, you will likely describe it as a place in your psyche where you focus on what’s wrong. If you are a psychologist, your thoughts may turn toward emotional challenges such as depression, anger, or fear. However, in other fields, negative space is a positive term. Learn why this space is important to your quality of life.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

The reasons for procrastination and the state of your mind required to stop procrastinating. The key reason why so many of us fail to beat procrastination and how to overcome it. How much do you need to change?

Facing Down Your Inner Fear

Have you ever been afraid of something, possibly something or someone you have not even seen yet? That squeamish feeling gets in our gut at the very thought. Here’s how to overcome that!

Master the Power of Gratitude and Humility

Once upon a time there was a king named Bali who had conquered the Universe by defeating Lord Indra, the ruler of the demigods in the Hindu pantheon. Bali had become too powerful, so Indra pleaded with Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of Creation, for help. Vishnu decided to incarnate as a very short brahmin named Vamana to attend a special ceremony king Bali was getting ready to perform.

Looking Back – 92 Years With Elearnor – What Mattered Most Of All

“You know, I lived long enough to ride a horse to school, watch us land on the moon, see what a difference computers can make in the world; enough to bury three children and my husband, it’s a good long life. But you know the really good things in life, besides being married and the children, I mean the good things for me, well you won’t believe what they are!”

8 Tips for Creating Happiness and the Life You Want

It’s actually riskier to play safe than it is to go for what you want. Ultimately, security comes from within you, not from external factors. Here are eight lessons I learned that helped me let go of worry so I could persevere in creating happiness and the life I want.

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