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Call In The SWOT

I mean what bigger project is there than a life? What feat is bigger than taking a flawed individual, with entrenched emotional biases, raised in an environment that was chosen for them, facing distractions and detours in every direction, haunted by their deepest fears, and obligated to the opinions of others? If there was ever a need to plan is would be to plan a life.

What Is Gratitude Meditation?

  Gratitude meditation is a focused meditation exercise. It is a way to express your thanks for the special skills and talents you have, the people in your life, and the many blessings you have received. In sum, all of those things that make your life special are worthy of your gratitude.

How to Use the PDCA Cycle to Leverage Your Personal Effectiveness

Achieving personal effectiveness requires someone to know what is really important to him and to keep that in mind throughout his life. Once a man becomes aware of his values and principles, he can chart his roles in life, and attach goals and activities to each role in a prioritized, balanced mode. This forms the road map to his success, and he should work diligently to continuously improve it as he walks down the road. The PDCA Cycle is an extremely helpful methodology that guides a person’s endeavor in planning his roles and goals, in doing what he has committed to do, in checking consequences of behaviors, and in acting on results to realign to the ‘true north’ throughout his journey.

Learn Public Speaking Skills From Greatest Orator Ever Demosthenes

Demosthenes lived between 384 BC and 320 BC, during this time he was renown in Ancient Greece as the greatest orator to ever utter a word. However he was definitely not a natural in public speaking, but that is what makes his story even more inspiring. However, Demosthenes went on to become to greatest orator of his time, here is how.

Dream Interpretation 101: Understanding the Naked Truth

Being naked in a dream can be anything from slightly amusing to absolutely embarrassing. This article addresses what this dream means and how to work with the dream’s message in waking life.

Dream Interpretation 101 – Understanding Animals in Dreams

Animals are common dream symbols. This article presents what animals mean in a dream, the reasoning behind the interpretation, and how to use the dream’s message.

Dream Interpretation 101: Understand Water Dreams

Water in dreams are common. Whether in the form of a clear lake or raging river, understanding water in dreams can provide insight into our daily lives.

Finding Your Flow Through the Wheels of Life

Living in the moment and being content with the circumstances that have manifested as of now is the best way to keep a healthy and balanced perception of time. This reduces anxiety and helps to avoid feeling like life is moving too quickly or too slowly. By accepting what is and being hopeful about what is to come, we can stay in flow with the greater cosmic energies that stay in well-timed motion as they progress through the infinite wheels of life.

My Personal Fight With Depression And How I Began To Win

This article is about fighting depression. It shares thoughts from personal experience on how you can begin to win the fight with depression.

The Law of Attraction – How Can You Use It?

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It’s a theory that basically says like attracts like. The vibe you emit is the vibe you receive from the world, and it has measurable effects on outcomes.

Discover 2 TOP Reasons Gossip LIMITS Your Success and Inner Peace

When you are positive, happy and at your core peace your success sores like never before, as you are supported from the Universe and in harmony with nature. Gossip is a habit and will stop you and limit from extraordinary achievements. By stopping the gossip you will be able to uncover even greater qualities you already posses, and experience life from a higher perspective…

The Little Things More Than the Big Things

Working on little positive things will produce big positive things in our lives, and will help keep big negative things out of our lives. Trying to transplant big positive things into our lives is almost impossible; we must work at little positive things to get big positive things into our lives.

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