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Healing Isn’t Always Pretty

I feel angry right now. Many people would say that anger isn’t very spiritual, that we should meditate to get rid of it, release it…

What It Really Means To Leave Your Ego At The Door

“Leave Your Ego At The Door” is a popular refrain in fitness and in the performing arts, but what does it really mean and how we can really let go of our ego? Perhaps more importantly what do we really mean by “ego”?

How Do You Use Thought Energy?

Thought energy is said to be one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe. Think about this; how often do we really think? We’re not talking about those 50,000 plus random thoughts that we have in a typical day, 80% being negative self-talk. Much of this is habitual patterns of thought, not real thinking at all. We’re talking about using your mind for creating what it is you desire; to live a life of purpose; life on your terms.

Life Lessons Learned From White Water Rafting

You probably plan your days by your calendar, a list of appointments, things to do. You could benefit from taking that one step further and prepare for each day not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. This is what I learned from my one experience White Water Rafting.

How to Form a Good Habit

Some habits are very useful and some habits keep us from ever experiencing the absolute best that life has to offer. So if you have found yourself in a cycle that is no longer serving you, here’s what you can do to create a good habit.

Do You Have Self Discipline?

We have a magnificent life sustaining guidance system called emotions. Read further to learn how to discipline yourself to create results using your thoughts and emotions.

Expectations and Disappointment

Do you have high expectations? Are your expectations higher for yourself than for other people?

The 5 Everyday Symptoms of Self Sabotage

Self sabotage is by far the number one activity that derails our lives. Sure, other people and events can come around that will derail us, but more often than not, we are our worst enemy. Often self sabotage appears subtle, it infects our thoughts so seamlessly that we do not even realize we are self sabotaging. Its very sinister. However, with some reflection we can come to realize the patterns. Here are a few of the patterns that I realized not only in my own life but in the lives of the people I have encountered. See if you can see yourself in some of these.

Perfectionism – A Killer of Joy

Perfectionism will always limit us. However, we do have alternatives to the debilitating compulsion to be perfect.

Identifying Self

Many people are confident within themselves and will tell you they are fully aware of who they are. But is it true? Do you really know who you are? Or are you defining yourself on what society says you ought to be. When asked who are you? Many will say I am a strong independent hard working person with a giving spirit. Or I am a great parent dedicated to family. But what does that mean?

Compassion for Self Is the New Ingredient for Personal Success

Self compassion is gaining momentum as the best ingredient for success. Those who practice self compassion are happier and more optimistic, less stressed and achieve more. Can we change our failure phobias to the softness of self compassion?

Relationships – Part 3

Sometimes we are trying so hard to be who we think others want us to be that we forget who we really are. It doesn’t happen overnight; it happens slowly over time, methodically until one day you’re standing in the mirror asking, who am I.

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