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Awareness: Apply It to Change

We are living in the 21st Century, the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment and of new hope. But this new millennium is also the era of rapid change and confusion. How might we find a better way of dealing with our rapidly evolving civilization and create a greater possibility for personal growth and happiness in such a contradictory world?

How To Surround Yourself With The Right People

One of the most important but difficult things you can do to improve yourself and your life is to surround yourself with the right people. This is made up of two very tough tasks; the first is to ditch the people in your life that are draining you but are giving nothing back and the second is to find new people that are better to have in your life.

My Own Firewalk

My bare feet were tingling from the immense amount of energy running through my body. I felt a force vibrating in my muscles and deep within my being. What proved true in this moment was not the “truths” I had been taught by the world, but those I had been taught by Spirit. The spirits teachings of faith, transcending physical law, and willingness just become a physical reality as I walked through fire.

Manifesting Your Intentions

As I contemplate the end of this year I have decided to look over the intentions that I put in motion. I am amazed what I have manifested and where my challenges have been. I notice that the challenges I have endured are a great part of the manifestation that is trying to come about.

Communication Skills: How To Get Your Point Across

The way we speak is exactly how people judge us every day of our lives. Sadly, most people put more effort into text messaging protocol than they do into worrying about the way they communicate verbally with others. If that’s you, don’t feel bad. You are in the company of millions. Unlike them, however, you’re about to find out some simple ways to vastly improve how others perceive you when you try to get your point across.

How To Use Your Personal Power To Change Your Life After Your Divorce

You can have the life you want after your divorce. Embrace your new life after your divorce.

3 Reasons Why You Should Seek Subliminal Therapy

Subliminal therapy is a good method that is acquired by psychologists during their practice. During the therapy, the person is always subjected to sublimation stimuli that make him or her resolve the bad or hurting experiences of their past. Such therapy is done so that it replaces the negative things in your brain with the most positive feedback. Throughout the world there are a good number of people concerned in getting behavioral changes of different things in their life.

Style Resolutions

And with every new year that rolls in, most of us would have written or at least thought of some new year’s resolutions. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, want to feel upbeat, lose some weight, land that promotion, inject spark in your life – a wardrobe or style evaluation may be in order.

Break Undesirable Thoughts And Action And Reinvent Yourself

Over the years you have indiscriminately established bad thoughts and actions. First it starts with a thought, you are shown a new method or a better way to do something and you crunch it in your mind. Because you have developed an I can’t do attitude, the thought lingers to the negative and fear of change or even fear of success takes hold and you stand still.

Self-Awareness and the Right Questions to Ask on Your Way to Personal Development After Your Divorce

Divorce is not the end of you, it is a new beginning. Are you ready to face the change?

Did You Choose To Believe It?

The question of having a choice is an interesting one about personal power, it is one we choose to believe. If you truly had a choice in your life and actions, would you do the many things you do that are detrimental to your self or others? How many times a month, a week, a day, do you say to yourself, ‘Why did I do that? I know better, I knew I shouldn’t have done that.’ You did it because you do not have the ability to choose. Personal growth is gaining the ability to choose freely.

Do Athletes Continue Competing Through Illness?

Getting sick is never convenient. Athletes pride themselves on being healthy and fit. Aside from injury, dealing with the flu or a cold can be frustrating prior to an important competition. Dealing with the flu might keep you out of the game. A cold, however, is just an inconvenience. With the right determination it can be turned around.

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