10 Top Tips for *Healthy* Productivity

Are Our Lives Set in Stone?

Are our lives really set in stone? Are we destined to be a certain way as adults? Are we allowed to choose a different path as we move through life?

The Desire

As we begin life we are faced with challenges that are some of the hardest things we must endure. When we are born we cannot even hold our heads up from lack of neck muscles. After a few months we master this ability.

Self-Centeredness: How to Get Rid of It?

The materialistic world is getting more and more self-centered by every passing day. That is ultimately leading the inhabitants of the earth to petty fights and divisions among themselves thus destroying the world peace. Hence, there is a strong need to get rid of this ‘self-centeredness’.

What Is Your Potential?

What a privilege it is to make the necessary choices that will create the outcomes you desire. Your humanity, with its free will and ability to think and choose, presupposes that whatever you become and whatever you do with your life must be and will be by your personal choices. The actualization of your potential will not happen by itself without deliberate action on your part. You get to choose your life! Your potential which defines your purpose in life is meant to add value to you first of all and then expand that value to the rest of your world from there.

Your Belief-System Might Hurt You and Your Relationships: Finding the Right Balance Is Crucial

It is said that having a belief-system is good: it is something which directs you; guides your actions; motivates you to feel you know how to move forward with life. Whether you believe in charity, in the importance of being a good parent, in being there 100% for your partner – your belief system makes you “the person that you are” and enables you to be consistent and predictable over the years.

A Psychic Asks – Are You A Selfish Human?

Do you feel that people who are selfish humans are wrong or right in their behaviors and attitudes. Today’s article uses a quote from Jane Austen, the British writer who speaks directly about her own selfishness.

Middle Age: The Benefits

Pierre-Jules Renard, a 19th century French author, once said, We don’t understand life any better at forty than at twenty, but we know it and admit it. There may be some real truth to this. By the time you reach middle age, you know what you don’t know and you know there is no shame in admitting it.

The Multi-Faceted Face of Gratitude

Dr. David Hawkins, a researcher out of Sedona, AZ and the author of numerous books on consciousness has found that thanksgiving and gratitude are very high-energy, high-vibration states. So, with the Thanksgiving holiday happening this month in the US, I of course decided to put myself in a high-energy state and write about gratitude and how it shows up in my life and those around me. I started my research with my five year-old son, Nathan, one of the highest energetic souls I know.

Time And The Search For Knowledge

The search for knowledge and self-improvement drives many people in the path of personal growth. Knowledge and information are not the same although our educated minds have confused the two and made them one from the intellectual point of view. Information is like any other item, it can be collected and accumulated. To do this, it takes time, effort and money and then a place to store all that is collected. Then it is useless and the effort in its accumulation wasted if it is not shown off. So not only is time spent in its accumulation but also in its presentation and sharing.

The Adventure That Is Life

I was the oldest of four boys, and after our father died, mother supported us by taking in sewing. We were quite poor. I got an afterschool job as the janitor in a factory; it was the only way I’d have any money.

Embody The Person You Want To Be

Have you ever seen “The Godfather” trilogy? Come on, you’ve got to see this. If you have, I’m willing to bet you’ve watched them more than once, maybe a dozen times (sorry to admit, I’m guilty).

Our Story: Is Our Story Who We Are?

We all have a story to tell, no matter who we are or where we’re from; a story that reminds us of a past that can never be forgotten. This is a story can define one’s life; one that contains potential to create a life that is a reaction to the story or a life inspired and motivated by it. Our story.

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