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How to Regain Lost Confidence and Grace

The Challenge. Most children begin life cheerful and confident. But a mother who lacks confidence will dramatize with her children the exact way she lost it. If she was once told she was a know-it-all, she will use the same phrase along with the same rejecting tone of voice. Family dramas can be disconcerting to all who play a part in them and to any who witness the scenes. The challenge here is to be curious about the pattern and find a way to step outside it. It was a pattern I finally changed by practicing a steady confront of the angry other in an atmosphere of acceptance.

Dealing With Fear in the Face of Failure

Like many, you probably have set some goals in the past that were never started, and if you did get it started, they were not seen all the way. You may have wanted to start your own business or lose a few pounds. Birthdays and New Years are by far the two main occasions many will have resolutions of how things will change. But just like last year, this year and the next seem to be gripped by an enemy that you may or may not be aware of. One of the biggest reason that holds people back Fear.

Carving Out Time for Nonsense

We may buy into so-called self-help experts instructing us to do more to be successful. To sacrifice lazing in front of the TV and persist at the gym for the future happiness of a better body. I invite you to pause that tape for a few moments. We humans need recovery, down, or reflection time. This article explores doing just that and more.

The Best Place to Sit on a Plane

Years ago, I was on a plane to visit my parents and I was traveling alone. I had taken a very early flight from Tampa and when I got on the first leg of the flight all I wanted to do was sleep.

The Best Ways to Move on From Despair

Despair and sadness can become all-encompassing at times. It can feel that there is no way out from the sense of gloom and hopelessness. One step at a time can start to bring some hope into the picture. Let’s look at some of those steps.

What Good Is a Mercedes-Benz If You’re Jabba the Hut?

Consider your priorities and their implications very carefully. Don’t take too long, however. Your psyche and your body are wilting while you wait.

Instant Gratification Culture: What Created It?

The term ‘instant gratification’ is widely known and widely used in today’s society. Having something tomorrow or having to wait any longer than now, is often far too long in today’s culture.

Inner Power

How do you personally define your inner power? Much of the time we allow the world’s opinions and beliefs to define us, causing us to be victims. I know this from my own experiences!

What Gets You Fired Up?

There is something that just makes you smile brighter, walk taller, laugh louder, jump higher and want to sing and dance in the aisles. That something, no matter what it is for you is the something that you need to be doing.

What’s the Big Deal About Beautiful?

Do you feel beautiful? For many long years I felt anything but. Self-conscious, yes. But beautiful? Please. Today I can easily say that I am beautiful and fully embrace what that means.

Change Versus Security

We are constantly changing. So how can we gain some security in a changing world?

Exploring Truth

Finding simplicity in the meaning of truth is as likely as finding any traces of natural ingredients in cola. We like to think its there, but we know it isn’t. So let us begin at the origin of the word ‘truth’. As defined in Old English, Middle English and Old High German, ‘truth’ is simply an adjective of ‘true’. ‘True’ made its journey to Old English from the Old Norse word ‘tru’ which meant “faith, word of honor: religious faith, belief”. Similarly, the so-called archaic English ‘troth’ referred to “loyalty, honesty, good faith”. Thus entities such as the Old English Dictionary have taken it upon themselves to define ‘truth’ in terms of: faith (not necessarily spiritual faith), fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, veracity, and the agreement of fact with reality. Further to this explanation is the presumption of some cultures to add elements of affirmation and trust to the meaning of ‘truth’…

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