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Enneagram Type 2 – The Giver/Helper

Helpers want to help the world and its mother. They tend to take on everyone’s problems as they believe that they can fix them.

Enneagram Type 4 – The Tragic Romantic

Types 4 tend to see their lives as a kind of tragedy. They tend to be constantly living in the past and feeling that life has somehow passed them by.

Enneagram Type 3 – The Performer

Performers are free thinkers who tend to harbor a deep-seated fear of failure. They often measure success based upon the respect and approval they receive from others.

Enneagram Type 5 – The Observer

As the name suggests, this personality type watches the world go by from the safety of their ivory tower. They aim to achieve greater clarity and understanding of the world around them.

Enneagram Type 6 – The Trooper/Guardian

The Trooper is also known as the Guardian by some teachers involved in the Enneagram. This personality type is always seeking to avoid danger.

Enneagram Type 7 – The Dreamer/Epicure

Types 7 tend to believe that the world is full of opportunities and so they spend all their time and energy searching for ways to make life easier. They are highly intuitive people with high energy levels and they find it difficult to relax as they are so absorbed fitting together the pieces of life’s puzzle.

Enneagram Type 8 – The Confronter/Boss

Big on authenticity – they tend to call a spade a spade- and perhaps, as a consequence, somewhat low on empathy, types 8 tend to thrive on challenge and are prepared to deal with just about anything that life has to offer. They see themselves as the “knights” of the kingdom and their job is to protect the innocent and the less able.

Enneagram Type 9 – Mediator/Peacemaker

This personality type wants to create harmony between themselves and the rest of the world. They will suppress their emotions for fear of rocking the boat.

Emotions and Why We Need Them

After another emotional day or week, do you wish you could switch your emotions off? Do you go through life an emotional wreck? Maybe you are the opposite type of person, and think that emotions make you weak. Do you then spend your life shoving those emotions deep inside you; putting a lid on them? Whatever type of emotional person you are, do you think life would be easier to deal with if you didn’t have emotions?

Phrases To Get You Through Tough Times

Phrases will not resolve a situation but it can encourage you to keep the faith and endure until the hard time is resolved. Sometimes we will go through difficulties that were not caused by our own hands but the thing to remember is to be strong and have patience, that situation will not last forever.

5 Ways to Know You’re Unhappy, and What to Do About It

Sometimes, in life, we get so accustomed to people, situations, or circumstances that we lose the ability to discern whether or not we are happy in our lives. To convince ourselves that we’re happy being unhappy, we create a story, something like, “It could be worse”, or “I’ll never be able to get what I really want, so I can settle with this,” and so forth.

Meaningful And Productive Conversation

There is such power in the often forgotten skills of productive and meaningful conversation. I’ve worked recently with two very different client groups who each were experiencing difficulty with strategy and clarifying objectives. Instead of creating spreadsheets or gap analysis frameworks or bulleted lists of tasks with measurements and expected outcomes, we started with a process and exercise that allowed the groups to have meaningful conversation to bring out their best thinking – within structured small group “rounds”.

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