10 Minute Vipassana Meditation ~ See Things As They Really Are

A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Powerful Learning Experience

It is often the tragedies that affect us most profoundly. It could be the loss of a parent, child, spouse, or loved one. Perhaps a divorce, lay off, loss of a job, or financial crisis. It is the tragedies in our lives that shock us to our core. These events interrupt our tidy lives and make us doubt who we are. With resilience, we learn valuable lessons and return to the daily business of our lives stronger and wiser.

A Case For Food Supplements

Good food is essential to Man’s wellbeing and longevity. In fact in the Bible, reading from Genesis 1:27-29, we have an idea how important food is to God.

Do We All Need a Spiritual Teacher?

What can spiritual teachers give us? Are they necessary? Are you ready to have guidance in your life and where can you find it? What have horses to do with all this anyway?

The Major Flaw in Personal Development

A major reason that people fail when trying to make change in their lives is that they don’t have a model–someone to look at, examine, and to pickup strategies from. And it’s honestly unfortunate how many “gurus” neglect to tell people that they need to find a new way to act after they deal with their problems… So, learn a down and dirty way to find people to model and get them to tell you how they do what they do best (with hardly any effort at all!).

Self Help – Good or Bad?

Many think self help books are not worth the paper they are printed on. Others feel as if they are the life blood of mankind. You Decide.

No More Holding Back

I’m struck by how many of us don’t live in a way where we are authentically doing what and who we are. I meet so many wonderful and dynamic women who really do not know the power they possess and all that they have to offer.

What Is It That Determines The Quality of Your Life?

I once heard a famous speaker say that the quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Here are some simple questions that if truthfully and thoughtfully answered, are GUARANTEED to expand and enhance the experience of your life.

5 Tips to Get Clear on Your Passion and Purpose

We are whole. Our wholeness is comprised of many different aspects that dance and weave themselves together within our being.

The Best Solution to Attachment Problems

If you easily get attached to people then you will have a problem later on in life dealing in dealing with people and getting over your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. If you do not get attached to people then you have a problem as well and this time it is because you can’t get attached so people will not consider you to be very humane.

Being Grateful For The Good and the Bad

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have in life, start focusing on what you have in life and be grateful for it. Being grateful not only for the good and positive things but also for the bad and negative things, which may not be that easy.

Don’t Think What Others Think

Fear of what others think can have a devastating effect on our lives and our achievements. Overcoming this fear can open new doors and new possibilities for you, leading to breakthroughs. I know because I have fought this fear and won. I want to help you now.

Do You Have A Learning Mind Set?

When I asked an employee of a Company where I was conducting a training program, “When did you last read a book?” He said, “when I finished my graduation.” That was 20 years ago! Imagine what would be his contribution to the Company. For the Organization to become world class, people working in it should have a learning mind set.

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