10 Minute Root Chakra Guided Meditation

Answers to Your Prayers in Your Personal Growth and Personal Change Program

Are your prayers being answered, wishes coming true, or goals being fulfilled? Maybe it’s time to look at anatomy of making wishes, praying or setting goals. Are these things preordained or do we determine our own futures?

Do You Love Your Game?

Do you love what you’re doing or are you simply going through the motions? Most people walk around in a coma. How about you?

The Winter Years

So much pressure is put on today’s woman to look younger than one’s own age. It seems that nowadays, if you’re past 35 years of age, society is ready to put you out to pasture- unless of course you’ve had some sort of face lift, Botox, or keep your age a secret. Due to today’s technology people have even been saying, for example, “45 years of age is the new 35!”

Good Advice For Any Situation

No one is an expert on everything and if anyone think he is then he is sadly mistaken. However, we can give good advice even if our answer is I do not know. It is better to admit that we do not have an answer rather than to lead a person down the wrong path just so we could look good.

What Do You Discover When You Recover?

Will, a shy and quiet soul, was recovering from a youth of upheaval and torment. He used whatever recourses and resources he could embrace. He did well in school; then he did poorly. He joined clubs; then he was kicked out. He ran for school office; he ran faster from the principal’s office. Then he dropped out. When his childish and childhood strategies stopped working, when he didn’t envision plans “E thru Z,” and the disappointments of losing grabbed him hard, he took to self-medicating his pain and rage.

Prejudice Is Overcome by Knowledge

Prejudice is an uneducated feeling toward something. People judge everything, which is not of itself bad, but holding onto unrealistic and poor judgments is bad. Education and knowledge help us get rid of destructive prejudice.

How To Be More Effective At Setting Goals

Are you looking for some helpful advice to make setting an achieving goals easier? Take the time and read more about effective goal setting here (…)

How to Say No: So You Like Being a Firefighter?

Firefighters are paid to fight fires. But if you’re paid to plan strategies, define goals and objectives, improve how you operate, and provide coaching and support to your team, then what on earth are you doing fighting so many fires? There is a downside to crisis management that will catch up with you.

Bird Dog Focus

How focused are you? How effective are you? How do the two tie together?

Caution: Volunteering Can Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Do you have a cause or group that you believe helps the world to be a better place? Or, do you see a wrong or injustice that needs correcting? Well then, volunteer to help that group or cause! Willingly commit some of your time, energy, effort, and resources, including money. If that first paragraph stirred you to think about acting, that’s good. If you already are active in supporting ideas you believe in, thank you. And, consider increasing your involvement. Volunteering is easy. However, being a good, functional volunteer takes work and a plan.

From Living Ordinary To Extraordinary – Finally Breaking Through The Terror Barrier

Breaking The Mythical Terror Barrier Amazingly enough, we have been mentally programmed to believe that there is some kind of invisible wall that stops us from going any further in our lives, the mythical terror barrier. Have you noticed it?

The Power of Choice

Chances are the choices you make, on a daily basis, are either keeping you from or moving you toward a better life, a more rewarding career, or the achievement of a lifelong dream. The cold reality is the life you’re experiencing right now is the result of choices you’ve made in the recent or distant past. As a result, you’re now enjoying the benefit of making good choices or suffering the pain of making bad ones.

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