10 Minute Productive Morning Meditation

10 Steps to Detox Your Life

Many of my clients come in with complaints about personal habits that feel toxic in their lives. Just as you can detox your body when you’re feeling sluggish, it’s also possible to detox your emotional life. Here are some of the most common ways your life can back up on you, and how to handle it.

How Seven Questions and Seven Traits Can Create Your Life Design

There are two sets of sevens that helped me create a life design framework for women and men ready to construct their best life. Asking the questions and using the factors of a vibrant life will help you make decisions about your life.

Do You Finish Work Feeling Well?

Are you exhausted at the end of your working day, tired, unable to keep your eyes open and yet still with many things still to do? Let’s look at some habits you could introduce to help you establish better balance in your life.

Life Interrupted: The Modern Living Challenge

It can be hard to hear one’s inner voice over the din of modern interruptions. This article explores why participating in the technological commodity race is wearing out people, families, and communities. It also examines how current technologically influenced living impacts opportunity, competitiveness, and decision-making. It also proposes a few easy steps to reduce stress and find inner-peace.

Have You Been Disappointed By People?

Have you been disappointed by people? I’m sure you have, we all have.

Hard Work: Whatever You Do, Do It With All Your Might And Forget The Hype

Quotes are a great source of inspiration. Recognize hype statements within a quote dilute the message. Understand the source’s context and background is different than yours. Fitting into society’s projected lifestyle or idea of what hard work and success is does not define you. Being authentic, persevering, and putting forth the best effort in whatever you put your hand to does.

Message From the Universe: Do You Have What It Takes?

No matter what you want, you have what it takes. Not to mention me, The Universe.”

Sanity in a Money Crisis

Stressed out about money? It feels like a tidal wave of panic. It sucks you down farther as you wonder how you got in this mess. You really start drowning, searching for air, when you can’t seem to find clarity on how you’ll fix this TODAY! Everywhere you turn seems like a dead end.

Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Mentorship – The Perspective

Progressive members of the society see mentoring of the youth as their responsibility and take its ownership. They would contribute to formulation of youth leadership development programmes, and go all out to oversee their successful implementation. Such programmes should create opportunities for contribution by parents and guardians where possible.

Does Your Frustration Have a Message for You?

Why some things come so easily (and sometimes we have to CLAW our way to success). Here’s an approach you may not have considered…

Self-Deceit Can Be Beat

Self-deceit is hard to detect, and unless an exposure strategy is set up, it kills, steals, and destroys the quality of life. The overall end results of DUIs, texting drivers, and chain smokers are well known. The mystery is how people fail to see the obvious. The “predator” is self-deception thinking – “It won’t affect me!” The ways Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) dealt with the actual Predator (1987 movie) give some insight into how self-deceit can be beat.

Early Childhood Education Level Mentorship – Beginning of Holistic Human Capital Development Journey

Holistic Human Capital Development Journey begins the moment the child is born. Children must be exposed to multiple early childhood development programmes in addition to the conventional kindergarten. Here we see the role of volunteers, especially the retired educationists and all other professionals, especially those from humanities backgrounds. They are experienced in parenting, plus their professional backgrounds will be tremendously beneficial in laying the foundation for holistic human capital development and life-long learning journey of the children. They will inform the curriculum development processes for the early childhood sector of our education system. We cannot continue being ignorant of this foundation level of our education. The best mentors must be deployed here, and assist the parents in the parenting roles. Children may be born out of the families but they are the future of the society as a whole. Without them there is no country and society in the future, and all our good work will go to waste. You take care of the children, you preserve humanity. We cannot pretend as if we are not aware of this formula that has been there from the origin of humanity.

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