10 Minute Positive Affirmations Morning Meditation

Millionaire Mind: How to Become Wealthy Under Any Economic Condition Part 2

Warren Buffet is one of the richest people on the planet. His success is not down to luck or the lottery.

Reflect in Order to Plan

December is the perfect time to look back at a year that’s almost over, and look forward to what we intend to accomplish in the year ahead. Before we ring in the new year, let’s take time to do a little “reflective thinking” on the year that will soon be history. While we don’t want to linger in the past, it’s always beneficial to learn from it. Every success and every failure teach a lesson. Success is seldom permanent. It’s a moving target that can prove elusive. Failure isn’t fatal – just painful. If we’re smart, we learn from both. Here are some questions about 2011 you can use to reflect on. Next week, I’ll send you a series of questions you can noodle on as you prepare for the year ahead.

The Happiest People Don’t Have The Best of Everything – They Just Make The Best of Everything!

In my early days in direct sales I was young and impressionable and wanted to be just like my sales manager. I wanted his designer suits, his luxury car, his fancy watch, the big villa he lived in… and I spent all my time focusing on getting those things.

How The Law of Attraction Works – Nature’s Lessons

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my quest to understand how the Law of Attraction works, is that I cannot force things to happen exactly when I want them to happen. Just as nature is very precise in its timing of the seasons, so our entire universe is exact in its timing of everything that is created.

The Provisions of Learning Disability Service Centers

There are many unfortunate people in the world; the disabled, the orphans, the widowed and those afflicted with learning disabilities. Hence, it is important to extend care and support in every way to these groups of community as they deserve a meaningful and quality life too. There are some noble learning impairment services and disabled centers that are set up across the world in every nation to cater to the pressing needs of these communities.

Three Ways to Stop Over-Analyzing and Start Doing

A business coach shares her tried and true techniques for overcoming perfectionism. Like many of her clients, this business coach has battled perfectionist tendencies that prevented her getting things accomplished. Fortunately, she’s discovered three simple techniques for overcoming this all-too-common anxiety. In this brief article, she tells you what you can do to stop over-analyzing and start doing.

Make an Inventory of What Matters to You

As time passes, we humans tend to hoard everything. Hands up, if your garage no longer holds a car. Smile if you’ve ever added on a room to your home that now is simply more storage. Do you have every National Geographic you’ve ever received? Do you, like my mother, have a suitcase full of photos that didn’t make the cut into an album? It’s easy to laugh and see the impact of hoarding when it regards physical objects. It isn’t as easy to look at when we expand hoarding to include habits and activities that no longer serve a constructive purpose. So what really matters to you? And why does it matter? What parts of your life should you keep? Which should you disregard? This article will focus on the non tangibles. Schedule a two hour quiet block of time. Get a notebook or pad and a pen. At the top of six consecutive pages (more if you think of other groups) place a word. On the first place: spiritual.

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence After Your Divorce by Acting the Part

Act confident after your divorce. Attract positive people into your life.

The Truth About Gremlins

Everyone has their own inner critic, or gremlin, which likes to point out your flaws. If you are conscious of when your gremlin will show up, and what he tends to say, you can be more prepared to deal with him.

Belief Affected Disorder

BELIEF. Oh dear! Another human malady brought about by the fear of life, sad! or should I say BAD (Belief Affected Disorder). Belief is the mental temperature that freezes thought and stops it flowing.

How To Write A Book That Will Change Lives

After writing my first self help book this year and with the idea to write another book in 2012, these are my thoughts and lessons I have learned when considering how to write a book that will change the lives of those that read it. It is quite an ambitious undertaking but I believe by definition every self-help book should aim to be a book that will change your life.

Blessings on You

I have my students circumnavigate the room and put blessings on each other. They look each other in the eye, connect with their heart, and then bless each other. In Celtic shamanism this is called “put a blessing on you.” Once a blessing is placed, you actually wear the blessing in your energy fields.

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