10 Minute Morning Meditation

I Remember the Blood-Curdling Screams – Don’t Allow the Fear the Stop You!

What is it in life that you’re afraid of? Don’t allow the fear to stop you!

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 23

Twenty Tips for Lively Living – 1. Clear the cobwebs. Sure you have heartaches, bad experiences and grief, but so does everyone else. If you dwell on the dark side of life you’ll never see the light. Clear out the cobwebs and focus on the future. Leave the shadows of yesterday behind and move into a bright tomorrow.

Human Life and Changes in the Human Body – Life From Conception to Birth

Is there anything more fascinating and important than the human body and the natural course of life it follows? Are we familiar with the miracle of life and are we using this precious gift according to its purpose?

Strong Emotional Reaction? Stay Present and Tap For Personal Growth

It happens to all of us. We get triggered by a present situation and have an emotional reaction way out of proportion to what actually occurred. When this happens, rejoice! It is actually a potent opportunity for personal growth. Stay present for yourself and use EFT/Tapping to dissolve old, worn-out emotions and beliefs, so similar situations no longer have the same power over you.

YOU Are the Angel You’ve Been Waiting For!

Did you know you are an angel? Not everyone is. As we awaken, we learn how to align with our whole Being. All of us present in our body walking the earth with love, compassion and care for others and really exciting co-creation! You’ll learn how to know you are an angel and your angel light body anatomy so can align. Then how to express your Angelic Self in life.

Going All Out – Dreaming Ahead 6 of 365

One of the things people lack when they are trying to accomplish something is energy. We have children and have to go to work. Waking up early in a box to travel in a box to work in a box just to go home in a box and repeat. It is a wonder that we all have issues gathering energy sometimes. This article will describe certain techniques you can use to gather more energy. This energy can then be put to the purposes that you want to accomplish.

Looking for Examples – Dreaming Ahead 7 of 365

One problem that I have found with people is that they want to know where to find those people that have gone before. Mentoring is an everlasting lesson for humanity. We look online at places like Facebook and Instagram seeing all kinds of news about different people. Can these tools be utilized if filtered correctly to see the things that you want to see so that you attract precisely what you want in life?

Successful Transformation Through Transferable Skills

What is transformation? Transformation is a process of intense radical change that takes an organization in new direction. It will lead to an entirely different level of effectiveness. Transformation brings basic change of character without a trace of past system or structure. How we can initiate this kind of transformation in an organization? How transferable skills help transform the organization? Then the question is what transferable skills are?

My Reading List

This is a list of 120 books that I have compiled from various sources to include several high-achievers and millionaires. This covers topics from productivity, personal development, communication, leadership, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and personal achievement. I plan on reading no less than one book a month for the rest of my life. Readers are leaders, and all the greatest leaders say to read books to feed and strengthen your mind and increase your value to the marketplace.

Setting Personal Boundaries

A personal space is a space where you hide your own weaknesses, strengths, pain, past, fear, etc. and a boundary is your personal space where you decide, who you want to be, what company you want to be in, what are your motives in life and who are important to you. When you set priorities for each and every person in your life it is the time when you set your personal boundaries. These boundaries show the limits regarding how others can treat or behave around you. Setting boundaries will ensure your protection against emotional and mental exploitation. Healthy boundaries are those that are impartial and reasonable and suitable for one’s age and maturity. You can say yes or no without guilt, feel angry or fearful. You can refuse to tolerate abuse or disrespect. Thus, make yourself a unique personality.

Networking Fear or Discomfort? Here’s How to Work Through These Feelings and Onto Networking Success

When we hear the “Networking” word, we shift into a state of discomfort that mentally and physically transports us to the land of “The Networking Conundrum”, where we wind up mentally and physically in a place between, “Networking not being our most favorite thing that we want to do and, Networking being the most important thing that we have to do. Please allow me to share some information and a few tips that will bring you Networking Success.

Why Study In Canada

Have you heard about the colleges in Canada? If no, then this article will let you know about it. There are many colleges which are quite a top notch.

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