10 Minute Morning Meditation to Clear Your Mind & Receive

Where Has All the Patience Gone?

Patience is perseverance in the face of provocation without reacting with negative annoyance and or anger. We all need daily practice for enhanced performance. It’s exercise for the mind.

Self-Appreciation 101

Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you find fault with everything that you say and do? Do you always think that the grass is greener for other people and not for you? If yes, this article is for you in that I discuss how you can appreciate yourself unconditionally. Try it!

Pursue Your Dream

People have a lot of pressure on them these days. People “do” because society says “you’re supposed to.” Never stop trying to pursue your dream.

Things We Do in Life That Come Back to Haunt Us

It is difficult to tell at times what may be the consequences of our actions. In spite of what our motives may be or the situation we face at the time certain things we do eventually come back to haunt us. The fact remains that it is never just the act carried out that causes the issue. It is also the intention behind our actions that needs to justify the results.

Aim for the Stars – Not the Moon

Many of us have low standards. We need to aim higher to stretch ourselves so we can grow. Aim for the stars, not the moon.

Imagine The Choice Is Yours

You are about to find out how to change your direction, your destiny, and most of all, your awareness of yourself. Imagine what the possibilities are, and then reach out for them.

Passion Breeds Simplicity, So What Is Your Passion?

When you are truly passionate about something, you get tunnel vision for it and add or subtract other things in order to make the time to pursue your passion. You will always make the time to do what you want to do no matter how busy your schedule has become.

Are You Having Enough Fun in Your Life?

There is an exercise, which I use as part of my coaching process, called the “Wheel of Life”. During it, the clients have to rate their current level of health, finances, career, physical environment, personal development, relationships, and fun and recreation.

What Everyone Needs For a Better Life – A Calm and Peaceful Mind

With the fast pace of modern society, most people have lost one of the major things that brings joy and happiness into their life: a calm and peaceful mind. This article shows you how to achieve one.

Be The Best At What You Do – Why Settle For Just Being Good?

To be the best at what you do requires that you give the task your full attention. The emphasis here is on doing your best not just being good at what you do. Being good at a task may take some extra concentration on your part but fulfillment comes when you are accomplishing your best. To be your best, you must be awake to the present moment.

Lose Your Cowardly Image – Gain Some Courage!

Where have all our heroes gone, long time passing. Sounds like we could come up with song lyrics with those words — a song of weakness, about fears, about the lack of courage. How many people can any of us count on one hand the heroes in our lives and I’m not talking about Superman, Batman, or tv action figures.

It’s Personal

Off to dinner the night before I was the keynote speaker at a regional conference, I wanted something good, but casual; calming but moderately swift. So, my husband and I selected an interesting looking place within walking distant of our hotel.

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