10 Minute Morning Meditation for Anxiety (guided meditation)

Discover Your Dreams

“If you dream nothing, you are worthless.” -Alvion – The base of heterogeneity between humans & animals or living & dead is “to dream for”. Living with dreams is the finest ever thing to employ time in this universe. It indulges us to enhance the level of existence, thinking, and collaboration with others. It forges us what actually we are. But to know “what actually we are”, is not alike an open book phenomena.

Living Your True Purpose

While the average lifespan differs for each country, one thing is certain: we have around/more than 20000 days to spend on this planet, days that we can use to make a mark on our society and planet. However, how can you find your true purpose and leave something meaningful for years to come? Here you have a few great ideas that you to keep in mind.

Top 3 Tips on How to Improve Yourself

In life sometimes you just need a boost in life and need to come to something to help find yourself or discover who you are as a human being. Use this as a guide to help you personally find yourself and discover yourself more so that you can properly develop in your life each and everyday.

Importance of a Work-Life Balance

Many people believe that in order to be successful, one must disregard their personal life: including family time, hobbies, exercising mentally and physically to achieve their goal of being a successful entrepreneur. But, this article will encourage working hard and playing harder.

The Importance Of Satisficing Your Learning Objectives

Satisficing is what you do when you settle on something that may not be the best option but it is good enough. It prevails when we don’t waste time and energy on decisions that don’t matter.

11 Tips to Eliminate Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits can be a hard challenge when you’re trying to change. However, with a strategic, multi-facet approach it can be done. Read more to learn how.

Paradigms – How They Rule Your Life

Your general belief of how you view life controls how life shows up for you. This is called a PARADIGM.

How To Make Refreshing Changes in Your Life

Sometimes people get depressed and bored of everyday routine. All they need is to make some changes in their lives and meet their new refreshed life. These changes are related to their body or their spirit.

Zen in Doing Business

Your mind is like a wild buffalo. This expression by a buddhistic meditation instructor in Sri Lanka just crossed my mind. Back then I couldn’t manage to sit still and focus on my breathing. Today is another day that I can’t mute my thoughts. My mind wanders. Did I return that call from my employer? Did I send out the invoices? The way you deal with thoughts and emotions effect your employees and organisation.

Praying Through Difficult Choices

Making decisions can be difficult. Often there is a lot at risk. Our choices have the power to change our lives for the better-or for the worse. Making a choice certainly means taking a risk. We may fear not succeeding, undergoing displeasure from family or friends, or being eventually frustrated by our choice

Taking in Your Opportunities

Are you growing and changing your mindset and your life to benefit you? What is your season of growth?

Learn to Love Like Rumi

Learning to love ourselves unconditially can be the greatest, most precious gift we can ever know. We can learn to love like Rumi, a famous poet who taught that life can be our friend and we can know love.

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