10 minute mindfulness meditation

A Creator Being

On a personal level, empowerment is that which provides the strength, tenacity, and influence to alter one’s own life, the environment in which one lives, and the course of the history of one’s existence. Additionally, since we know individuals exist within a unified cosmic order in which every act and every thought ripples across the universe as a mutating force, we must consider the consequences of the empowerment we seek and understand the potential for a positive influence in our immediate community and beyond into…

Thoughts on Forgiveness

I must have had forgiveness in mind after several friends posted about it via social media and blogs. Whatever the reason, I dreampt a few nights ago that someone ( a real person) who was once the catalyst of great pain in my life was asking me to forgive him. Even in my dream I was confused about what forgiveness means so I asked him what it would mean to him if I did.

How to Get the Life of Your Dreams: 7 Steps to Your Dream Life

When you wake up each morning and do what you love, you’re inspired and energized. Here are 7 simple steps to invite greater joy and meaning into your life.

I Would Like To Present You With A Wonderful Gift

The present moment is a cherished gift that many of us waste by focusing on mistakes of the past or worries of the future. This article outlines the positive benefits of focusing on the wonderful gift of the present moment, and some steps to help make it a regular habit.

New Age Consciousness

We are told that we have entered a New Age in which the consciousness of the human race will be lifted to a higher level than before. What does this mean for our everyday lives? We take a look at this subject here.

Everything We Do Is Selling

Many individuals tend to have reservations whenever anyone refers to either sales or selling! These people feel that selling is something negative or non – productive, and that they are not cut out for, or enjoy those activities. However, despite these reservations or trepidations, the reality is that we each either sell a product, service, or ourselves, each and every day.

Is There Anybody Out There? Technology And The Dysfunctional Team

Have you ever gone through the ping pong game of emailing someone back and forth until you can’t figure out where it started? Death by email we have all seen it. After several pings and a couple more pongs it loses translation. Something we forget that there is another human being on the other end of the email. Connecting just by picking up the phone and talking to someone is so important to solve the issue or just connect in a personal sense.

We Have A Winner!

Winning, this brings to mind a story that I read about a woman who was working in the corporate world, everyday she would sit at her desk or in meetings looking out the window. She dreamed of wanting to be on her bike riding, feeling the wind in her hair. This was her favorite place to be and she had always aspired to be an athlete, winning, being in the place she always dreamed of. One day, out of the blue, she decided to enter a cycling event. She practiced and prepared for the meet. On the day of the competition she flew past her competitors and won. Her focus and desire to win was a huge part of what made her a success. This was her goal from that day forward, she decided that this would be her focus in life and that this was her calling. She is one of the top cyclists in the world.

The Elusive Art of Servanthood

Jesus said in Mark 10:43-44, “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” Sounds simple enough. So why is it so hard to actually do it?

Puritan Guilt Is Alive and Well

In a supposedly, increasingly secular society we seem still to be obsessed with pinning guilt on others. The tabloid mentality of the readers is what sustains the tabloids themselves, screaming abuse at “perverts” and “cheats” and all kinds of human weakness.

Knowing What Resources Are Available To You

The purpose of this article to help you recognize the resources around you and within you. As you recognize these resources, you can use them to help you determine and reach your purpose.

Victim Mentality: Why Do Some People Have A Victim Mentality?

There is nothing like a good victim story to get people’s attention. The media routinely covers a certain event or situation where one person or a group of people are labelled as victims. And based on what happens in these situations, it is often very difficult to disagree with the description.

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